Operational Excellence

Cultivating Analytics-driven Excellence in Service Provisioning

Utilize the FibrePro Analytics Maturity (FAM) Model for improved decision-making, enhanced customer satisfaction, and cost efficiency

While organizations have made substantial investments in data and analytics, an HRB report reveals that only 23.9% of companies identify as data-driven, and merely 20.6% have successfully cultivated a data-centric culture. The level of data analytics maturity is a critical element for fibre operators in transitioning from intuition-based decision-making to an insight-driven organization.

Below are the primary challenges faced by fibre operators in achieving data analytics maturity despite huge investments.

  • Lack of data and analytics strategy aligning with business
  • Cultivating a data culture that binds data talent, tools, and decisions
  • Creating a robust data architecture that enables controlled, secured data access and utilization
  • Building a skilled team with both domain and data analytics expertise

Employ the FibrePro Analytics Maturity (FAM) Model, a holistic framework for fibre operators to overcome these hurdles and build a fully integrated data-driven organization. FAM synchronizes data capability and adoption maturity to enhance data analytics maturity across the fibre journey. This model comprises 4 key stages: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive & Cognitive.


This Insight delves into the journey of data analytics maturity for service provisioning use cases, underscoring its pivotal role in boosting revenue generation, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction for fibre operators.

As per an HRB report only 23.9% of companies are data-driven, and 20.6% have successfully cultivated a data-centric culture.