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Reimagine productivity, strengthen business workflows, and bring predictability with Prodapt's platform-led cloud & AI-first accelerators built with ServiceNow.


Prodapt's consulting and ServiceNow implementation expertise gets the results faster, accelerating digitization and removing siloes to unify operations for enterprises in the Connectedness industry.

With a flawless track record of deploying ServiceNow’s Telecom, Media, and Technology (TMT) product suite, we make your ServiceNow Telecom Service Management, IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, Telecom Services Operations Management, IT Business Management, Security Operations, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions scalable, business-friendly, and easy to maintain.

“ServiceNow’s offerings are heralding a new generation of cloud software that help digital businesses create great experiences. To derive full value from their investments, enterprises need to strike collaborations with a strategic partner who can deliver a tailored approach, surpassing generic solutions to unlock customized benefits.”

Rajiv Papneja | CTO, Prodapt

ServiceNow solutions 1/7

Modernize and automate the entire service delivery cycle using a centralized platform

  1. Streamline telecom order processing using Order Management Tool (OMT)
  2. Get real-time field data to improve resource allocation, routing, productivity, and customer satisfaction using Field Services Management (FSM)
  3. Centralize project information, foster cross-team communication, and improve project visibility using Strategic Project Management (SPM)
  4. Get visibility into assets, automated workflows, seamless provisioning integration, and comprehensive reporting using IT Asset Management (ITAM)
ServiceNow solutions 2/7

Streamline service assurance and management for better service quality

  1. Gain end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure and its health using ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM)
  2. Collect, predict, correlate, and remediate using ServiceNow’s predictive AIOps capabilities
  3. Enable discovery, service mapping, event management, health log analytics, and your network infrastructure and operations using Telecom Services Operations Management (TSOM)
  4. Streamline IT & network incident and problem management processes using IT Service Management (ITSM)
  5. Perform automated impact assessment and send notifications to customers using proactive service assurance workflows and notification capabilities of ServiceNow Telecom Service Management (TSM)
  6. Improve customer (residential, enterprise, and wholesale) experience through omnichannel (phone, portal, chat, virtual agent, and service bridge) experience, case management using ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)
  7. Equip your customer support team with insights into network outages with ServiceNow’s CSM workspace and agent assistance capabilities
  8. Centralize knowledge management with automated workflows, ensure real-time collaboration & proactive monitoring using Knowledge Management
ServiceNow solutions 3/7

Formulate a structured and streamlined approach to change management

  1. Assess, plan, approve, and implement changes with minimal risks and disruptions using Change Management (CM)
ServiceNow solutions 4/7

Capture, organize, and share knowledge efficiently across the organization

  1. Streamline knowledge creation
  2. Improve knowledge accessibility
  3. Foster team collaboration
  4. Enhance decision-making
ServiceNow solutions 5/7

Manage assets using a centralized & automated platform with integrated discovery tools

  1. Track IT assets and licenses with better accuracy and streamlined workflows using Hardware Asset Management (HAM) & Software Asset Management (SAM)
  2. Mitigate risks, align with industry compliance standards, and get proactive alerts using Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
  3. Reduce costs, accelerate service delivery, and increase operational efficiency
ServiceNow solutions 6/7

Automate infrastructure, applications, and software security

  1. Integrate your favorite security tools and intelligence sources, gain insights into security incident and vulnerability issues, and optimize productivity, cost, and resilience using Security Operations Management
  2. Respond to vulnerabilities & security issues proactively using ServiceNow Security Operations Solution
  3. Scan your applications and prioritize configuration compliance issues using Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  4. Enrich security incidents with AI/ML-based threat intelligence capabilities
ServiceNow solutions 7/7

Proactively manage risks and ensure regulatory compliance across geographies

  1. Foster a culture of ethics and accountability while establishing robust internal controls
  2. Implement continuous monitoring to identify high-impact risks
  3. Leverage out-of-the-box workflows to automate risk lifecycle & responses, improve risk-aware decision-making, and drive identification, assessment, & continuous monitoring of control activities to reduce reaction time effectively
  4. Run acknowledgment campaigns, manage policies, standards, & internal control procedures cross-mapped to external regulations and best practices using our ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management capability
  5. Create and manage regulatory authoritative documents, citations, control objectives, and test plans, and implement continuous control monitoring using Compliance Management Solution
  6. Address information security risks, deliver effective automation, and drive continuous improvement in line with overall business goals using AI/ML capabilities of the ServiceNow Governance, Regulatory & Compliance (GRC) solution
  7. Leverage the content pack of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act to establish internal controls and procedures for financial reporting and use case accelerators for regulations such as NIST RMF, NIST CSF & GDPR DPIA
  1. 1. Strategy Consulting
  2. 2. Platform Health Assessment
  3. 3. Platform modernization
  4. 4. Data integration, planning, and building
Service OFFERINGS 1/4

The efficiency of service delivery operations depends on the choice of business processes, degree of automation, and power of IT tools/platforms.

Accelerate service provisioning, make insight-driven decisions, and choose the right strategy and platform with a strong team of technology & domain experts specialized in ServiceNow.

  1. Platform Governance

    ServiceNow has invested significantly in enhancing the platform and bringing in capabilities that address operational needs. Leverage our team of experienced architects to review your ServiceNow implementation and get recommendations, while ensuring operational efficiency enhancement with minimal increase to cost of adoption. In addition, get the best leverage of available modules in the license with us and ensure minimal technical debt, broader platform adoption, and industry alignment.

  2. Service Modeling

    Defining and managing service models helps organizations ensure efficient service provisioning, performance monitoring, and capacity planning automation. Partner with Prodapt to design, manage and govern your services while integrating them within the PSR Catalog, CSDM, and TNI modules. Ensure standards compliance, model re-usability, and abstraction at the right level.

Service OFFERINGS 2/4

Implementing the ServiceNow platform for multiple business needs can be challenging, time-consuming, and resource intensive.

Leverage an end-to-end architecture for faster product release with fewer customizations. Ensure optimal performance, reduce maintenance needs, and deliver better experiences with advanced monitoring, automation, and proactive maintenance capabilities.

  1. Platform Implementation Review

    Maintaining a high degree of performance for your ServiceNow instances can be complex and
    time-consuming. It involves challenges including identifying potential issues, detecting performance bottlenecks, and sustaining the overall health of the ServiceNow environment. Perform thorough assessments of system configurations using our ServiceNow Health Check solution and gain valuable insights into the environment. Proactively address potential issues, ensure optimal performance, get actionable recommendations, and mitigate risks.

Service OFFERINGS 3/4

Modernizing your ServiceNow platform is essential for regular feature release.

Ensure flawless transition to the latest and enhanced ServiceNow functionalities, improve user experience, boost scalability, enhance security, and reduce maintenance costs using Prodapt’s ServiceNow capabilities.

  1. ServiceNow Migration

    An organization’s operations legacy and heavily customized platforms can drag performance of business operations and slow down progress. Migrating out of legacy applications and platforms into ServiceNow can be complex and time-consuming. Seamlessly modernize your platform with minimal business interruptions using Prodapt’s accelerators, readily available templates, and checklists powered by ServiceNow.

  2. Business Success Team

    Managing organizational change, stakeholder management, standardizing processes, and training existing service personnel involve several complexities. Get tailored solutions to manage complex engagements with Prodapt’s business success team and seasoned ServiceNow architects.

  3. Platform Implementation

    Implementing the ServiceNow platform using industry best practices and frameworks helps ensure compliance, standardize processes and workflows, and maximize value of existing infrastructure and investments. Take advantage of our Certified ServiceNow consultants, network architects, and diverse global delivery units to successfully implement your ServiceNow platform.

  4. ServiceNow Licensing

    Gain a competitive edge through Prodapt’s advanced consulting and implementation services, flexibility, value-added services, and demonstrated expertise in ServiceNow offerings. Define a robust and tailored licensing model with Prodapt, an established partner of ServiceNow.

  5. Platform Development

    Managing and scaling a robust application development platform that meets the evolving needs of your growing organization can be complex and time-consuming. Sub-optimal solutions result in inconsistent functionality, limited scalability, and difficulty in integrating new features. With a modern, scalable platform, transform your ideas into seamless, scalable, and next-generation applications while improving the development team’s productivity. Empower your developers to build enterprise-grade apps and automate processes within hours, not weeks, using the low-code-no-code capabilities of ServiceNow.

Service OFFERINGS 4/4

Disparate data sources, manual intervention, and multiple hand-offs lead to data inconsistencies, decision-making delays, and missed business growth opportunities.

Formulate a unified data integration methodology for third-party data integration, planning, and building to unlock the full value of data and drive business growth.

  1. Geospatial collaboration

    Difficulties in effectively integrating and leveraging geographic data lead to inefficiencies, data inconsistencies, and limited visibility into
    location-based insights. It hinders an organization’s ability to harness the full potential of geographic data for decision-making and operational optimization. Address challenges in integrating and utilizing geographic data and gain real-time access to location-based insights using our geospatial productivity and collaboration solution that offers automated workflows, comprehensive analytics, and enhanced data consistency.

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