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Prodapt's Product Engineering Service translates ideas into innovative, feature-rich products. Build products that elevate customer experience and lifestyle.


As we enter the meta-verse, enterprises need to build smarter, innovative, and lifestyle-first products.

Enterprises straddle between two ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, the key to success is launching products faster, and on the other hand, the time-to-profit cycle is shrinking. It has created a surge in demand for design-thinking-led product innovation, adopting newer technologies to build and launch new products.

69%Automation in testing

78%Reduction in defects

Prodapt’s expertise in Product Engineering encompasses ASIC/FPGA design with verification, embedded software, software product management, product design for entertainment services, and IoT.

“With our Product Engineering services, we can now deliver a more powerful proposition to customers right from the device to the edge and to the cloud.”

Rajesh Rathod | Chief Mentor

Industry Outlook 1/4

Redefine technology strategies to stay ahead

  1. Choose the right technology stack to develop new products and services
Industry Outlook 2/4

Leverage design thinking to build innovative products

  1. Analyze the customer behavior to gain insights and develop customer‑centric products
Industry Outlook 3/4

Adopt agile methodologies to accelerate launches

  1. Embrace agile development methodologies for faster delivery of robust products
Industry Outlook 4/4

Build an antifragile product that enhances customer experience

  1. Implement chaos engineering and autonomous testing for quality that meets user experience needs
  1. 1.ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification
  2. 2.Embedded Software
  3. 3.Software Product Engineering and Management
  4. 4.Accelerated Technology Deployment for Entertainment & Connectivity Products
  5. 5.M2M/IoT
Service OFFERINGS 1/5

Start with defining the technical specifications and take it to silicon on a turnkey basis.

Our end-to-end design and verification services empower semi-conductor companies with efficient and accelerated delivery of IC, SoC, ASIC, or FPGA projects.

  1. System-level design

    With the increasing complexities due to shrinking feature sizes, getting the ASIC and SoC design right-first-time has become extremely challenging. Leverage our design services that translate your high-level requirements to technical specifications and build a complete system architecture and executable model.

  2. Analog and Mixed Signal (AMS) designing

    Analog and mixed-signal chip design involve precise models, tools, processes, and correct understanding of advanced chip process nodes. Get access to our seasoned design team to build the most challenging AMS design with improved reliability and performance at optimal costs.

  3. RTL to GDSII design flows

    Businesses need a proven design flow that yields power reduction and exceptional performance to ensure that ASIC design is successful. Leverage our RTL to GDSII design flow service that uses tools like Cadence SOC Encounter (SOCE) and Synopsys ICC to enable low-power ASIC designing.

  4. Design for Testability (DFT)

    Design complexities have increased with multiple memory and mixed-signal blocks packed into a single SoC, and DFT implementation has become challenging. Improve test quality and yield with our advanced DFT techniques like SCAN, BIST, and APTG.

  5. FPGA prototyping & emulation

    ASIC and SoC-based systems continue to scale in complexity and design sizes. This requires effective validation and verification solutions with high levels of integration. Experience faster verification and shorter product release cycles with our FPGA-based prototyping and emulation services that scale with next-gen complexity, design size, and integrations.

  6. Verification using UVM

    Verification is one of the biggest challenges in rolling-out IC design within tight timelines. Capture the design issues and achieve quality goals with our streamlined digital design verification services using the UVM mechanism.

Service OFFERINGS 2/5

Build reliable embedded apps, firmware, middleware, device drivers, complex embedded software solutions for IoT/M2M systems, automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics.

We empower you to customize and optimize your system software, firmware, and device drivers for varied architectures.

  1. Embedded processors

    Faster deployment of new-age and edge applications has paved the way for embedded processors. Get access to the complete customization and optimization of system software using our expertise in software development. Our expertise spans a range of platforms from the 8-bit microcontrollers to the powerful 64-bit cores, including single-core/multi-core microprocessor variants.

  2. Device drivers, protocol stack, and firmware

    Get access to a host of comprehensive firmware and device driver development services on all major operating systems such as Linux, WinCE, Android, iOS, VxWorks. Leverage our expertise in programming, integrating, and optimizing embedded firmware for microcontrollers and processors of varied architectures.

Service OFFERINGS 3/5

Build future-ready software products with our robust and scalable software product engineering approach.

We help you leverage design-thinking frameworks and AI-powered insights to develop lifestyle-first products.

  1. Product development and system engineering

    Advanced technologies and the digital economy have opened up new avenues to innovate products and offerings across consumers’ lifestyles. Leverage our agile and design-thinking framework to deliver MVPs and get early market feedback to shape your business ideas into a profitable and quality product.

  2. Testing, integration, validation, and interoperability services

    Today, software releases demand quality at speed and scale. Achieve the best-in-class software quality and performance with our AI-powered, insight-driven approach to build digital immune products.

  3. Product maintenance, feature enhancements, release management

    Product maintenance and incremental product upgrades are necessary to make products sustainable and meet customer expectations. Leverage our expertise in maintaining and servicing highly complex products to enable continuous improvements and deliver exceptional experiences.

Service OFFERINGS 4/5

Enable high-quality continuous updates and rollouts of entertainment services while delivering content seamlessly.

We offer you cloud-enabled platforms that facilitate high-quality and super-fast video delivery. We ensure that your end-users have a consistent and delightful experience with flawless connectivity.

  1. Cloud deployment of entertainment services

    The consumption of entertainment content has grown multifold, leading to a demand for advanced infrastructure management and streamlining of content. Deploy video services on cloud using our Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach for seamless delivery of services.

  2. Field trial/Functional testing of content delivery equipment

    With multitudes of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)/Set-top Box (STB) variants, field trials and testing become paramount to understanding the device behavior under real-world conditions. Leverage our agile service delivery model, scalability profiling, release management, and field trials to rollout new devices faster.

  3. End-to-end quality assurance of OTT services

    With the rise in OTT platforms, devices, access technologies and operating systems, the validation matrix to offer a seamless customer experience is not for the faint-hearted. Ensure a faster delivery of high-quality video services with end-to-end compatibility testing of OTT services using our service indexing framework, agile methodologies, and advanced automation and prediction algorithms.

  4. Managed services of connectivity platforms

    Businesses need advanced network and IT operations to deliver next-generation connectivity and entertainment services. Our agile, AI and data-driven services power capacity planning and predictive assurance of content delivery keeping connectivity at the forefront.

  5. Sentiment analysis & In-house WiFi experience management

    Faster delivery of entertainment and connectivity services shouldn’t compromise the end-user experience. Provide a consistent user experience with our sentiment analysis methodology and in-house WiFi experience management.

Service OFFERINGS 5/5

Transform your business needs into competitive differentiators with our innovative IoT-powered solutions.

Our expertise spans across healthcare, smart home, law enforcement and connected vehicles.

  1. Design, development, and system integration

    By connecting people and things, IoT makes the world smarter than before. Design, build, launch, and manage products for the connected world with our team of IoT experts, thereby gaining a competitive advantage.

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