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Trusted SoC ASIC/FPGA design services provider helping Top 10 global embedded systems and semiconductor clients to bring advanced products to market.


Prodapt offers comprehensive, end-to-end ASIC/FPGA and Embedded Software Services - from specification & design to verification, emulation, DFT, FPGA, physical design, analog design, mask layout, and embedded software development.

Our expertise spans multiple domains, including IoT, 5G, AI, cloud, and ADAS. As a trusted partner, we work with Top Tier clients worldwide and have experience with advanced nodes such as 3nm.

"As a trusted partner to the largest semiconductor companies over 20+ years, Prodapt can help you to reduce the spec-to-silicon time with our unique design solutions for your SoCs."

Dinesh Tyagi | Head of ASIC Business, Prodapt

  1. 1. ASIC design and verification services
  2. 2. FPGA Design, Validation and Emulation services
  3. 3. Analog and mixed-signal mask layout services
  4. 4. Embedded Software and Firmware Services
Service OFFERINGS 1/4

We provide ASIC design and verification services including specification, architecture, RTL coding, UVM-based verification, emulation, synthesis, STA, DFT, scan, floor planning, place & route, DRC/LVS, GDSII, and more.

  1. ASIC Design

    In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape with smaller feature sizes, achieving accurate, first-time-right ASIC SoC designs has become exceedingly challenging. Leverage our design services to distil the right technical specifications for your high-level requirements, create comprehensive system architectures.

    • Specification, Architecture, RTL, Synthesis, STA, CDC, LEC, Lint
    • Domains: AI, 5G, IOT, SSD, graphics, Crypto, cloud, ADAS, RFIC
    • CPU: ARM, RISC-V
    • Tools: Verilog-NC, Verilog-XL, QuestaSim, Modelsim, Spyglass, Design Compiler
  2. ASIC Verification

    Take advantage of our streamlined digital design verification services, employing Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), to capture design issues and achieve quality goals.

    • Methodologies: UVM, OVM, SystemC, C++
    • Tools: QuestaSim, NC-Verilog, VCS
    • Interfaces: PCIe Gen4/5/6, USB 3.x/4.0, SATA 3.x, NOC, CXL, Ethernet, SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, HDMI, MIPI, Display Port, DDR3/4/5, HBM2
    • Random and direct testing, object-oriented programming, gate-level simulation, power-aware simulation, RTL versus gates simulation
  3. Design for Test

    Rise in manufacturing defects due to design complexity and advanced process in current SoC designs has made DFT methodology extremely critical. Enhance test quality and yield by leveraging advanced techniques including SCAN, BIST, and ATPG.

    • DFT: Scan, ATPG, Test, Fault models, ATE, JTAG,
    • BIST: memory BIST, Logic BIST
    • CPU: ARM, RISC-V
    • Tools: Synopsys TetraMAX, Siemens Tessent, TestKompress, Synopsys DFTMAX, Mentor TestKompress
  4. Physical Design

    A well-tested design flow delivering power reduction and outstanding performance are imperatives for successful ASIC design. Utilize Prodapt's RTL to GDSII design flow service powered by industry-standard physical design tools for low power and high performance ASIC design.

    • Synthesis, physical Synthesis, floorplanning, DRC/LVS, place & route
    • Tools: Cadence SOC Cadence Innovus, Synopsys ICC2, and Siemens Calibre
    • Technologies: 3/5/7/16nm nodes
Service OFFERINGS 2/4

Our FPGA validation and emulation services leverage industry-leading tools such as Vivado, Quartus, and Libero, and emulators such as Palladium, Zebu and Veloce.

We hold deep expertise in the latest FPGA devices for diverse applications such as high-performance computing, networking, wireless communication, machine learning, video processing, and more.

  1. FPGA Design, Validation and Emulation

    As ASIC/FPGA based systems grow in complexity and size, robust validation solutions become crucial. Achieve faster validation and shorter product release cycles by utilizing our FPGA-based prototyping and emulation services that seamlessly scale to overcome design & integration complexities.

    • RTL coding, FPGA synthesis, , FPGA Programming, FPGA bring-up, Emulation
    • Domain: AI/ML, Networking, SSD, Optical, Security, Wireless, Video
    • FPGA Tools: Xilinx Vivado, Altera Quartus, and Synopsys Synplify Pro
    • Emulation Tools: Palladium, Zebu Veloce, HAPS, Protium
    • Devices: Vitex Ultrascale+, Kintex Ultrascale+, Zynq Ultrascale+,, Stratx 10, Aria 10, cyclone 10
Service OFFERINGS 3/4

Our analog design and verification services offer comprehensive solutions with industry-leading EDA tools such as Virtuoso, Spectre, and HSpice for circuit design, simulation, layout, and testing.

Our experienced team ensures reliable and efficient analog circuitry for IoT, automotive, and more.

  1. Analog Mixed Signal & Circuit Designs

    Analog and mixed-signal chip designs demand accurate models, tools, processes, and deep expertise in advanced chip process nodes. Partner with our experienced design team to create intricate AMS designs with enhanced reliability, high performance, and low power at optimized costs.

    • High-speed SerDes, Memory controller, PLL, ADC, DAC, Codec, MIPI, Amplifiers
    • Signal integrity, Characterization, Compliance, Board Bring-up
    • Simulator: Hspice, Verilog-AMS
    • High-speed oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer
  2. Analog & RF Mask Layouts

    Investing in skilled layout designs and leveraging well-designed analog and RF mask layout help improve product performance & reliability while optimizing development costs and enabling faster Time to Market.

    • Domain: Analog Mixed Signal, RF, High-speed SerDes, DDR3/4/5, QDR3/4/5, LPDDR3/4/5, ADC, DAC, PLL
    • Tools: Cadence virtuoso XL, Caliber, Dracula, Hercules
    • Technology nodes:28nm, 16nm, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, CMOS, BiCMOS
Service OFFERINGS 4/4

We offer comprehensive Embedded Software Services with the latest tools and technologies in domains such as AI/ML, Video, graphics, IoT, 5G, networking, wireless, storage, security, mobile, and more.

With a strong customer base built over 20+ years, our turnkey, onsite, and offsite solutions cater to diverse industries.

  1. Embedded Software

    The rise of modern edge AI applications has accelerated adoption of embedded processors. Leverage our expertise in software development to fully customize your ARM/RISC-V based embedded systems across different applications.

    • AI/ML, Video, Graphics, IOT, 5G, IoT, networking, wireless, storage
    • Writing device drivers, protocol stacks, and assembly language
    • Embedded Linux development with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE 
    • RTOS: FreeRTOS, Zephyr, ThreadX, uC/OS, VxWorks, etc.
    • Java ME, Mruby, Objective C, C/C++
  2. Firmware Software

    Access a wide range of comprehensive firmware and device driver development services across major Operating Systems. Utilize our proven expertise in programming, integrating, and optimizing firmware for industry standard microcontrollers with diverse architectures.

    • Firmware development including Boot Loader
    • BIOS Device Driver
    • Porting of RTOS for Boards/Systems
    • Board bring-up, Boot Loaders, Diagnostics, Device Drivers
    • Linux Storage Stack: SCST, LIO, LVM, VxVM, VxFS, ZFS, Lustre, GPFS
    • Protocol expertise: PCIE, SCSI, iSCSI, NVMe, FC, SPI, LCD, GPIO, BT, BLE, WIFI, 5G, HDMI, Video Codec


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