Unlock immense growth opportunities with cloud, AI & Data


Prodapt’s Modernization-first approach brings IT, network, and cloud together to unlock value for the Connectedness industry.


Continuous advancements in cloud computing, Data, and AI offer huge potential for businesses in the Connectedness industry to leverage innovative strategies, services, and solutions to become agile & responsive in a fast-moving, digital world.

Steer your digital journey towards cloudification, Hyperautomation, and reimagined customer experience to unlock industry-specific 5G opportunities.

33% Acceleration can be achieved in rollout time through 360° network visualization

2X Increase in operational efficiency through better visualization of data

We enable faster adoption of cloud technologies and transform your businesses through a full spectrum of services including cloud advisory, cloud migration & application modernization, cloud intelligence and network cloudification.

"With capabilities such as multi-cloud orchestration, omni-product management, end-to-end subscription, and catalog management, businesses in the Connectedness industry can bring differentiation through a quick go-to-market approach."

Satish Billakota | Head of Cloud Practice

Industry Outlook 1/4

Cloudify IT & Networks

  1. Migrate core OSS/BSS functions to the cloud
  2. Speed Application Modernization
Industry Outlook 2/4

Streamline & Automate Operations

  1. Digital & Analytics-enable service operations
  2. Al & automation at scale
Industry Outlook 3/4

Reimagine Customer Experience

  1. Enhance CX with AI/ML
  2. Optimize the user experience at the Edge
Industry Outlook 4/4

Unlock Growth

  1. Monetize 5G Investments
  2. Cloud with the intelligent edge
  1. 1. DataStreak.AI (Gen AI-driven Data Migration & Modernization)
  2. 2. Journey to Cloud
  3. 3. Maximizing Cloud Value
  4. 4. Cloud-native Engineering
  5. 5. Connected Data Cloud
  6. 6. Connected Intelligence
  7. 7. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Service OFFERINGS 1/7

Leverage our Generative AI-powered product suite for seamless migration and modernization of intricate, legacy data ecosystems including Hadoop data landscapes to the dynamic platforms of leading hyperscalers including Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse.

With a suite of advanced AI and automation tools at its core, DataStreak.AI effortlessly handles the entire migration journey - from historical data transfer to pipeline migration, parallel runs to flawless production cutover, and meticulous performance optimization to astute cost governance.

Embark on an accelerated migration with DMPro & Code Maverick, our advanced tools for streamlined data migration journeys and Generative AI-powered assistance to your engineering teams for application business logic and pipeline migration.

  1. Historical Data Migration

    Complex, intricate historical data with governance issues and quality inconsistency present numerous migration challenges. The DMPro toolkit empowers you to assess, migrate, validate, and optimize historical data with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

  2. Application (Business logic) migration

    The lift and shift approach to application migration to modern cloud environments is fraught with implementation risks and possibility of acquiring technical debt. Engage GenAI's assistance through Code Maverick to assess, plan, build, and test the migration of application business logic and pipelines, harmonizing human intelligence with AI-driven efficiency.

  3. Production Assistance

    Simplify the complexities of parallel runs, cut-over, de-commissioning, governance, and cost management during the production phase. Rely on DataStreak.AI for a seamless transition while maintaining governance and optimizing costs.

Service OFFERINGS 2/7

Empower your enterprise's cloud transformation journey. We evaluate your readiness, then design, plan, and execute a seamless migration.

Integrate and scale business processes and applications, while ensuring agility, cost-efficiency, and security.

  1. Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Deep dive into your enterprise's application and business landscapes. We analyse infrastructures and applications, evaluate cost-benefit scenarios, and identify potential gaps. Our tailored strategies ensure a seamless transformation to the cloud, optimizing both performance and financial outcomes.

  2. Streamlined Planning & Design

    focuses on creating a meticulous migration schedule and designing the best-suited architecture. We prioritize selecting the right cloud for specific workloads, ensuring optimal costs and paramount security, for a seamless transition tailored to business needs.

  3. Efficient Cloud Migration

    Focused on execution precision. By reusing best practices and employing accelerators, we facilitate seamlessly transitioning to cloud environments. Our focus remains on a high-quality, practical approach, drawing from lessons learned in previous migrations."

  4. Transforming Data centers

    Modernizing and optimizing your existing infrastructure to be primed for cloud adoption. Through a systematic approach, we refurbish legacy systems, enhance operational efficiencies, and lay the groundwork, ensuring a seamless transition to a cloud-centric environment while maximizing your infrastructure's potential.

Service OFFERINGS 3/7

Communications Service Providers need a strategic partner with deep learnings to unlock the full potential of their cloud infrastructure.

Get Prodapt’s help to accelerate and optimize your cloud journey, adopt the latest tools & Best Practices, merge SRE with managed services, and make your apps cloud-native & fit for the digital world.

  1. Modernize Applications

    Evolve and optimize legacy systems to be cloud-native. Take a strategic approach to update, refactor, and enhance applications to harness the full potential of cloud capabilities. This transformation not only boosts performance but also ensures scalability and resilience in a cloud-smart world.

  2. Optimize Costs

    maximizing efficiency in cloud usage using our tools and architecture reviews to identify underutilized resources. We recommend optimal allocations and employ the best costing models, ensuring efficient cloud operations and enhanced ROI

  3. Cloud Engineering & Automation

    Streamline cloud journey with precision engineering and integrated automation. Leveraging best-in-class tools and practices, we ensure your infrastructure is optimized, scalable, and agile, driving faster deployments, enhanced performance, and cost-effective solutions.

  4. Site Reliability Engineering & Managed Services

    Merging SRE best practices with expert managed services, we are committed to maximizing uptime and application performance. Utilizing a cloud management platform, we enhance performance, optimize costs, and ensure a resilient cloud environment.

Service OFFERINGS 4/7

The digital era demands the development, deployment and scaling to be agile, cloud-native and geared to meet future demands.

Adopt an end-to-end strategy towards Gen AI-driven development, faster & secure deployment and DevSecOps for highly scalable, resilient applications on the cloud.

  1. Gen AI assisted Cloud-native Development

    Powered by our GenAI accelerator contextualized for development, we craft scalable and resilient applications optimized for the cloud. This refined approach ensures applications meet current needs and adapt seamlessly to future demands, ensuring sustainable growth and peak performance.

  2. DevSecOps

    With developer self-service and rapid delivery at its core, we weave security into cloud-native processes. This ensures faster, yet secure, application deployments, developer satisfaction, code quality.

  3. Efficient Release Management

    Our approach streamlines the deployment of application and digital systems. By reducing complexities and automating processes, we ensure consistent releases and accelerate time-to-market, embodying operational excellence.

  4. MLOps

    Orchestrating end-to-end Machine Learning lifecycles, we ensure seamless integration of ML into operational processes. By optimizing model deployment, monitoring, and iteration, we facilitate rapid innovation and maintain model relevance, bolstering performance and results.

Service OFFERINGS 5/7

Communications Service Providers need to drive decisions backed by high quality, well-organized data.

Leverage Prodapt’s learnings from designing & optimizing data lake, data mesh implementations, automation & AI-driven accelerators for faster migration, visualization dashboards, and end-to-end data operations for secure and reliable data access.

  1. Data Engineering

    Specializing in Industry specific data architectures, we design and optimize data lakes and data mesh structures. Our solutions facilitate efficient data transformation, storage, and retrieval, empowering businesses with precise insights from a well-organized data ecosystem

  2. Efficient Data Cloudification & Migration

    Utilizing automation and AI-powered accelerators, we enable a seamless transition to cloud-native frameworks while ensuring data integrity, accessibility, and optimization in serverless, cost-effective environments, empowering businesses to fully leverage the cloud's capabilities.

  3. Reporting & Visualization

    Transform raw data into actionable insights with our advanced reporting and visualization tools. We craft intuitive dashboards and interactive visual narratives, empowering stakeholders with a clear understanding of data trends, patterns, and key metrics, driving informed decisions in a visually engaging manner.

  4. Data Governance and Quality

    Collaborating with businesses, we establish master data management, lineage, and data quality protocols using easy-to-use processes. Our unified approach ensures a single source of truth, bolstering data integrity, accuracy, and compliance in the evolving landscape

  5. Data Operations

    Oversee data pipelines in cloud environments, emphasizing availability, data integrity, and robust security. Through vigilant management and continuous optimization, we provide businesses with dependable, high-performance data resources, ensuring consistent and secure access

Service OFFERINGS 6/7

Advanced intelligence through ML-driven analysis of data can help Communications Service Providers enhance customer experience.

Make use of Prodapt’s proven data management expertise to achieve proactive network fault prediction, predict churn and transform customer experience.

  1. Customer Experience

    Dynamic blend of ML-powered analytics designed to curb customer churn, supercharge your marketing campaigns, and unlock lucrative cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

  2. Operations Insights

    Insights crafted to reduce non-productive dispatches, streamline workforce performance, and optimize spare and route allocations.

  3. Network Experience

    Advanced analytics to ensure seamless network performance and optimal user experiences, designed for proactive network fault prediction, efficient capacity management, and precise anomaly detection.

  4. Contact Center Transformation

    Revolutionize customer interactions with integrated omnichannel support, advanced virtual chat and voice agents, and empowering agent assist tools. Harness the prowess of GenAI to elevate your contact center to a future-ready hub of excellence

Service OFFERINGS 7/7

Prodapt is the world’s leading AWS partner solely focused on businesses in the ‘Connectedness’ industry, enabling them to modernize their business ecosystem.

Accelerate deliveries, automate security, achieve resiliency, and establish a future-proof foundation for your business operations.

  1. Cloud Migration

    Migration of workloads to the cloud requires a phased approach comprising assessment, mobilization, migration, and modernization using Migration Evaluator, Migration Hub, and Cloud Endure Migration. Benefit from an agile, scalable end-to-end cloud migration plan that caters to a broader application portfolio, be it the migration of workloads from cloud to cloud or from on-prem to cloud.

  2. O/BSS Modernization

    Serverless and container technologies running on the latest processors in the cloud or at the edge are the keys to building fast, secure modern applications. Modernize your O/BSS applications to a microservice-based architecture and streamline application management using AWS Serverless, serverless containers, and Kubernetes-based applications to keep up with technological advancements and lower the total cost of ownership.

  3. DevSecOps Transformation

    Leap from traditional DevOps to DevSecOps transformation in an agile environment to ensure effective implementation of security decisions. Leverage AWS CodeBuild, Code Commit, Code Deploy, and CodePipeline to prevent downtime across multi-cloud platforms and deploy products and services faster.

  4. Cloud Automation & Managed Services

    Automate your daily operations by adopting our cloud-managed services to improve onboarding and operations across hybrid & multi-cloud platforms. Leverage our expertise in AWS Batch, AWS EKS, AWS EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, and Lightsail and reduce operational costs without compromising security and compliance.

  5. Telco Data Platform

    Cloud-native databases enable agile DevOps and MLOps, giving you insights for better decision-making. We enable data modernization in terms of Telco data lake/Telco data mesh and data warehouse and provide privacy/governance principles to facilitate faster and better business decisions.

  6. AI-driven Actionable Insights

    Generate insights to automate actions using capabilities like AI/ML, Deep Learning (AI & Amazon SageMaker-related AWS service), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Conversational AI using Amazon Lex and Chatbots services. Get assistance across the entire data lifecycle, leveraging our frameworks and accelerators built over time to industrialize our AI models.

  7. Network Operations & Automation

    Revolutionize your network functions, leveraging our service operations and automation offerings. Ensure efficient utilization of network data using the combination of AWS Cloud, AWS Outpost/Private MEC, and AWS Wavelength/Public MEC.

  8. Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

    Deliver an ultimate end-customer experience using our Multi-access Edge Cloud orchestration platform powered by AWS Wavelength/AWS Outpost. Run your applications on the edge and deliver more contextual and timely services.

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