Unlock immense growth opportunities with cloud, AI & Data


Prodapt’s Modernization-first approach brings IT, network, and cloud together to unlock the value for the 'Connectedness' industry.


Continuous advancements in cloud computing, data, and AI provide a huge opportunity for businesses in the 'Connectedness' industry to become more responsive to a fast-moving world with innovative services, strategies, and solutions.

Steer your digital journey towards cloudification, Hyperautomation, and reimagined customer experience to unlock industry-specific 5G opportunities.

33% Acceleration can be achieved in rollout time through 360° network visualization

2X Increase in operational efficiency through better visualization of data

We enable faster adoption of cloud technologies and transform your businesses through a full spectrum of services including cloud advisory, cloud migration & application modernization, cloud intelligence and network cloudification.

"With capabilities such as multi-cloud orchestration, omni-product management, end-to-end subscription, and catalog management, businesses in the connected industry can differentiate themselves with a quick go-to-market approach."

Satish Billakota| Head of Cloud Practice

Industry Outlook 1/4

Cloudify IT & Networks

  1. Migrate core OSS/BSS functions to the cloud
  2. Speed Application Modernization
Industry Outlook 2/4

Streamline & Automate Operations

  1. Digital & Analytics-enable service operations
  2. Al & automation at scale
Industry Outlook 3/4

Reimagine Customer Experience

  1. Enhance CX with AI/ML
  2. Optimize the user experience at the Edge
Industry Outlook 4/4

Unlock Growth

  1. Monetize 5G Investments
  2. Cloud with the intelligent edge
  1. 1. Cloud
  2. 2. Cloud
  3. 3. Network
  4. 4. Amazon
    Services (AWS)
Service OFFERINGS 1/4

Bring in scalability, agility, and resilience in your business by embracing cloud.

We enable faster adoption of cloud technologies and transform your businesses through a full spectrum of services including cloud advisory, cloud migration, application modernization, cloud intelligence and network cloudification.

  1. Cloud strategy and advisory

    As technologies and business needs evolve, there is a need to assess their IT landscape thoroughly. Analyze your IT landscape and select the best strategy for cloud adoption leveraging our cloud experts and strategic partnerships.

  2. Cloud migration

    Cloud migration is vital for businesses looking to innovate, scale and embrace growth opportunities. Leverage seamless migration and cloud modernization services to migrate your critical applications to cloud in a secure, cost-effective, and agile way.

  3. Application modernization

    Businesses in the digital age are expected to be responsive, resilient, and agile, making application modernization essential. Modernize your legacy applications to cloud-native architecture and accelerate your journey towards digital transformation success.

  4. Cloud automation and operations

    Businesses must be capable of creating, testing, modifying, and optimizing resources on the cloud automatically to ensure smooth operations. However, cloud automation is complex requires specialized tools and expertise. Automate your cloud operations with AI to drive efficiency, increase flexibility and reduce operational costs.

  5. Agile DevSecOps transformation

    While traditional DevOps applications offer speed, scale, and functionality, they often lack robust security. Transform traditional DevOps to a best-in-class DevSecOps enabling security across software development and deployment lifecycle.

  6. FinOps – Cloud cost optimization

    Businesses often face challenges with controlling cloud costs and delivering business value, as it requires effective collaboration between engineering, finance and business teams. Reduce your cloud consumption costs with our proven FinOps framework and dynamic process improvements.

Service OFFERINGS 2/4

Get timely and actionable intelligence with our range of data & AI-driven solutions.

Mitigate risks of customer dissatisfaction and churn to gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions.

  1. Data and AI advisory services

    Businesses need to harness the power of analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to uncover hidden insights from vast amounts of data. Improve data-driven decision-making with our expertise in evolutionary architectures, data democratization, and AI to drive sustainable growth.

  2. Data modernization

    Data residing in multiple siloed legacy systems can hamper decision-making. Build futuristic cloud-native data modernization solutions to gain actionable business insights.

  3. Data, AI, and ML Ops

    Managing project lifecycles and expediting the go-to-market endeavors is challenging if no insights are derived from data. Using modern transformational technologies like AI and ML Ops, create new insights, opportunities, and value from your data.

  4. Intelligent contact centre transformation powered by Google CCAI

    Contact center operations should leverage real-time customer insights to drive personalized customer interactions and enhanced customer experience. Transform your contact center operations with our intent-driven solution built using Google CCAI.

  5. Network Cloud advisory

    Businesses need an automated, software-defined, and agile network strategy to maximize the outcomes of their cloud and digital journeys. Determine the best-suited strategy for network transformation to achieve insight-driven network planning, zero-touch operations, and cost optimization.

Service OFFERINGS 3/4

Cloudify and automate your network using futuristic technologies and enhance the performance of edge applications.

Leverage our Cloud-Network accelerators to create additional revenue-generating opportunities and enhance customer experience.

  1. Cloud-native network and mobile edge

    Businesses need to run more of their applications on the edge to deliver contextual and timely services. Design, build and operate MEC orchestration platform to reduce network congestion and enhance your application performance on the edge.

  2. Intelligent network operations and automation

    With the emergence of new technologies like 5G, IoT, and cloud, manual involvement in network management has become complex. Leverage our intelligent automation platforms comprising Netbots.AI and Net.AI to achieve state-of-the-art network and service operations.

Service OFFERINGS 4/4

Prodapt is the world’s leading AWS partner solely focused on businesses in the ‘Connectedness’ industry, enabling them to modernize their business ecosystem.

Accelerate deliveries, automate security, achieve resiliency, and establish a future-proof foundation for your business operations.

  1. Cloud Migration

    Migration of workloads to the cloud requires a phased approach comprising assessment, mobilization, migration, and modernization using Migration Evaluator, Migration Hub, and Cloud Endure Migration. Benefit from an agile, scalable end-to-end cloud migration plan that caters to a broader application portfolio, be it the migration of workloads from cloud to cloud or from on-prem to cloud.

  2. O/BSS Modernization

    Serverless and container technologies running on the latest processors in the cloud or at the edge are the keys to building fast, secure modern applications. Modernize your O/BSS applications to a microservice-based architecture and streamline application management using AWS Serverless, serverless containers, and Kubernetes-based applications to keep up with technological advancements and lower the total cost of ownership.

  3. DevSecOps Transformation

    Leap from traditional DevOps to DevSecOps transformation in an agile environment to ensure effective implementation of security decisions. Leverage AWS CodeBuild, Code Commit, Code Deploy, and CodePipeline to prevent downtime across multi-cloud platforms and deploy products and services faster.

  4. Cloud Automation & Managed Services

    Automate your daily operations by adopting our cloud-managed services to improve onboarding and operations across hybrid & multi-cloud platforms. Leverage our expertise in AWS Batch, AWS EKS, AWS EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, and Lightsail and reduce operational costs without compromising security and compliance.

  5. Telco Data Platform

    Cloud-native databases enable agile DevOps and MLOps, giving you insights for better decision-making. We enable data modernization in terms of Telco data lake/Telco data mesh and data warehouse and provide privacy/governance principles to facilitate faster and better business decisions.

  6. AI-driven Actionable Insights

    Generate insights to automate actions using capabilities like AI/ML, Deep Learning (AI & Amazon SageMaker-related AWS service), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Conversational AI using Amazon Lex and Chatbots services. Get assistance across the entire data lifecycle, leveraging our frameworks and accelerators built over time to industrialize our AI models.

  7. Network Operations & Automation

    Revolutionize your network functions, leveraging our service operations and automation offerings. Ensure efficient utilization of network data using the combination of AWS Cloud, AWS Outpost/Private MEC, and AWS Wavelength/Public MEC.

  8. Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

    Deliver an ultimate end-customer experience using our Multi-access Edge Cloud orchestration platform powered by AWS Wavelength/AWS Outpost. Run your applications on the edge and deliver more contextual and timely services.

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