Super charge your customer, partner, and employee engagements with a unified CRM platform


Leverage the full potential of
best-of-breed SaaS products on a cloud-native BSS platform, configure it in weeks & go to market 3X faster


Businesses in the ‘Connectedness’ industry often deal with unexpected disruptions due to rapidly evolving customer preferences.

Customer touchpoints cannot be viewed in isolation but as part of a holistic seamless customer journey. It is important to embark on an end-to-end CRM transformation to cope with the digital-native competitors. Businesses need to reinvent themselves to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and best-in-class service.

70%Organizations don’t provide connected user experiences across all channels

76%of global workers reveal that they are unequipped for the future of work

Prodapt enables businesses to transform customer engagement and deliver
best-in-class service with personalized experiences using Salesforce platform.

“In today's competitive world, companies must deliver connected digital experiences to stay
relevant — for both customers and employees.”

Smita Katariya | Vice President – Salesforce

Industry Outlook 1/4

Drive sales excellence through CRM technology investments

  1. Integrate marketing activities to provide a holistic view of leads across marketing, and sales teams
  2. Improve sales efficiency by leveraging AI to prioritize leads and opportunities that are most likely to convert
Industry Outlook 2/4

Build sustainable relationships with 360° view of customers

  1. Get a unified view of customers
  2. Deliver better services by unifying all customer-facing teams
Industry Outlook 3/4

Transform service experience powered by AI

  1. Give service teams the access to all customer-related data to enable omnichannel personalized engagements
  2. Automate service workflows to serve customers faster
Industry Outlook 4/4

Build connected customer journeys to improve CX

  1. Provide consistent customer experience throughout the journey, at every touch point and across channels
  2. Integrate customer journeys with analytics and predictive intelligence to make real-time decisions
  1. 1. Strategy
  2. 2. Modernization
  3. 3. Managed Services - Maintenance, Support, and QA
Service OFFERINGS 1/3

Redefine your strategy to create a customer-first ecosystem that delivers seamless experiences.

We bring-in a seasoned workforce to help you formulate strategies, optimize field operations, make insight-driven decisions, and fast-track service delivery.

  1. Customer 360

    Businesses need to rethink their IT and customer applications, innovate to be future-ready, and lay down their vision to offer a customer-first experience. Shape your customer engagement strategy with our team of seasoned Salesforce consultants across Salesforce Communications Cloud for sales and service, Field Service Lightning (FSL) for workforce optimization, Einstein for intelligent decision-making, and MuleSoft for integrating with OSS as well as other downstream systems.

  2. OneFibre

    As countries embark on ambitious fibre access programs, fibre operators are uniquely placed to take advantage of this opportunity to provide high-bandwidth, all-IP gigabit services. Take advantage of our domain understanding to define strategy, solidify O/BSS architecture, fine-tune your business and operating model to fast-track fibre service rollouts.

Service OFFERINGS 2/3

Accelerate business growth with our CRM modernization approach that positions you to thrive in the digital era.

Our experienced professionals provide tailor-made frameworks and accelerators that enable you to take charge of transformation initiatives.

  1. CRM process design, implementation, and migration

    Outdated CRMs can hinder your organization’s growth as they are not built for agile business operations. Leverage our comprehensive Salesforce implementation and migration framework to transform your CRM system and deliver digital-first journeys.

  2. Salesforce Industries – EPC, CPQ, and OM implementation and migration

    Businesses need to digitally transform with speed, flexibility, and scale to exceed customer expectations. Take charge of your current and upcoming transformation initiatives with our expertise in Salesforce Industries and purpose-built accelerators.

  3. OneFibre - Integrated O/BSS implementation

    Fibre operators have a lot in their hands - from securing approvals, building networks, choosing tech stack, and more to enable their growth journey. Relieve challenges around tech-stack, customer engagement, and operations with our managed O/BSS solution built to help you focus on business growth.

  4. MuleSoft AnyPoint platform-based integration

    For many service providers, the weakest link in their 5G strategy is their legacy BSS and billing systems. Fastrack your integrations of Salesforce Communications Cloud with Aria and Matrixx business support systems leveraging our pre-built, TM Forum compliant MuleSoft connectors and frameworks.

  5. Implementation accelerators

    To rollout services faster and stay ahead of their digital-born competitors, service providers need an industry/function-focused deployment framework. Leverage our accelerators such as Agent 360 and OneFibre built on Salesforce Communications Cloud to stay ahead of the growth curve.

  6. Service Cloud implementation

    Businesses today must deliver personalized customer experience to build long-term relationships with their customers. Reimagine your customer journey with our expertise in Salesforce Service Cloud implementation including Lightning Service Console, case management, omnichannel routing, macros, and service analytics.

Service OFFERINGS 3/3

Continuously innovate and maximize your Salesforce investments to achieve exceptional business performance and superior customer experience.

We help you accelerate application development, take ownership of your customer happiness and drive loyalty and growth.

  1. DevOps – CI/CD automation framework

    To keep up with the speed of the modern marketplace, businesses today are often challenged with the faster development of new products and maintenance of existing deployments. Our deep experience in implementing DevOps automation with Salesforce can enable businesses to accelerate the development of applications and services, with a more responsive approach to IT systems management.

  2. 24/7 CaaS - Customer experience as a Service

    Poor customer experience often results in decreased customer loyalty and higher churn. Leverage our business and IT managed services, where we take ownership of your product design, configuration, and enhancements, to ensure your customers get an exceptional service 24/7.

  3. Customer journey-based testing

    Delivering an exceptional experience is challenging, as it involves testing, analyzing, and optimizing every interaction with the customer – and not doing this right can weaken customer relationships. Harness our expertise in customer (B2B/B2C) journey-based testing to drive loyalty and growth.

  4. Naavik - Salesforce Managed Services

    Salesforce is a versatile platform vital to business success. Maximize your Salesforce investments with our Innovative, Flexible & Scalable Salesforce Managed Services packages, designed to ensure a seamless Salesforce experience for your users. Our Managed Services packages include end to end platform support (L1, L2, L3 etc.), Application Monitoring, Strategic & Roadmap consulting, Priority SLA’s and much more, leading to a hassle-free and value-driven Salesforce experience.

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