Reimagining the Wholesale Fiber Experience for a New US FiberCo – GIGAPOWER

Enabled by Prodapt's BoltSpeed solution, Accelerating time-to-market for Wholesale Fiber Services.


In response to the growing demand for fiber connectivity, many operators are looking at new models to fund their network expansion and long-term growth. The FiberCo model provides open access to multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) instead of directly serving end customers and has become an attractive investment opportunity for infrastructure funds seeking long-term returns.


300%reduction in Time to Market

30% reduced Total Cost of Ownership

50% reduction in average order-to-activation time

Client Situation

Our client, Gigapower, is a nascent fiber operator resulting from a strategic collaboration between AT&T and Blackrock Infrastructure, aiming to quickly rollout fiber services on an open access basis in new expansion areas.

We partnered with Prodapt to go-to-market quickly, on an agile cloud platform with a compelling digital experience, and a managed service well aligned with our needs as a wholesale FiberCo.

Amy Wheelus | CTIO, Gigapower.


The client faced two significant challenges: the inability of traditional BSS systems to deliver a wholesale digital experience and the time-consuming process of adapting the existing systems to cater to new FiberCo use cases.

To meet their ambitious timelines and deliver a compelling wholesale order experience, a holistic, one-stop solution was imperative.

Solving It

Prodapt introduced BoltSpeed, a Salesforce-based solution tailored specifically to the Wholesale Fiber Industry, serving as a flexible and scalable platform for FiberCo’s operations. The comprehensive BSS platform integrated key components such as Salesforce Communications Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce Field Service, Mulesoft Integration, and the Aria Billing solution.

By leveraging TMF-compliant APIs and best-of-breed cloud components, the architecture automated order-to-cash processes, enabling faster and more accurate order processing, service activation, and billing. Additionally, a self-serve portal was developed for partner ISPs, streamlining collaboration, and providing full visibility into order status and fiber installation.

The adoption of Prodapt's BoltSpeed solution enabled FiberCo to achieve a 300% reduction in Time to Market when launching new products. Leveraging out-of-the-box pre-configured functionality enabled the FiberCo to launch in just 5 months and will allow for all processes to be reused when adding new ISPs while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by 30%. In addition, the average order-to-activation time has been reduced by 50% through process standardization and automation.

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