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Bring Agility and innovation superpowers to every layer of your platform & software, achieve business transformation with AI-led intelligence, and scale for the Connected World


The digital era is advanced by constant innovation. Consumers want intuitive experiences on every screen – be it for hailing a cab, streaming entertainment content into their living rooms or making instant mobile money transfers. Business software providers want their applications to feel intuitive too.

Leverage Prodapt’s Gen AI-first services to power-up the efficiency, depth, scalability & agility of your digital platform. Our solutions work at the intersection of DevOps Lifecycle Acceleration, data-driven intelligence, applications & cloud operations management to deliver the Next Big Experience. Our AI powered connectivity solutions bring highly available, disruption-free experiences to your connected audience.

Over 80% of enterprises will have used Generative AI APIs or deployed Generative AI-enabled applications by 2026: Gartner

72% of leading organizations note that managing data is already one of the top challenges preventing them from scaling AI use cases: McKinsey

Prodapt’s solutions place your product development on the secure DevOps track, offering Generative AI -powered performance, reliability, and monitoring. With our solutions, build & scale your software platforms & consumer-facing apps with cloud-engineered data intelligence.

"The Big Tech needs to innovate constantly to deliver the Next Big Experience to consumers. To keep their focus singularly on these market demands, they should partner with a Gen AI-first innovation partner with proven experience in leveraging digital technologies for transformation across operational functions of their business."

Mehraj Gulzar | Head of Connected Platform & Software  

Industry Outlook 1/2

Data Migration to cloud for scale & growth

Successfully migrating workloads to cloud means delivering maximum benefits with minimal effort and costs – Gartner

  1. Data migration & modernization can deliver 45% performance improvement & opex reduction
Industry Outlook 2/2

Managed Platform Operations for accelerated product release & QA

Over 20% of all test data for consumer-facing use cases will be synthetically generated by 2025 - Gartner

  1. Leverage our Managed Services for your consumer-facing platform to drive up releases by 60%
  1. 1. Developer Infrastructure Engineering
  2. 2.Application Operations Management (AOM)
  3. 3. Data Engineering and Applied Analytics
  4. 4. Advanced Connectivity Engineering
  5. 5. Infrastructure-as-a-service
Service OFFERINGS 1/5

Digital platforms need to orchestrate seamless collaboration between development and operations teams to streamline CI/CD pipelines to meet deadlines for product release or shipping advanced features for consumers.

Prodapt helps you address these challenges by managing and supporting end-to-end DevOps lifecycle, CI/CD, SRE, Kubernetes, containerization, testing, and monitoring.

  1. Application Migration

    Siloed systems hinder data integration and scalability, causing operational inefficiencies. Analyze and migrate applications to agile, cloud-based environments for enhanced scalability, cost-efficiency, and streamlined data management.

  2. DevOps Lifecycle Management

    Conventional development and operational processes impede agility, causing bottlenecks, downtime, and customer dissatisfaction. Enhance efficiency with our DevOps services and automate workflows for faster, error-free deployments. Utilize CI/CD/CT pipelines to drive code quality and expedite releases.

  3. CI/CD and SRE

    Navigating integration complexities and ensuring swift incident response in CI/CD and SRE processes are critical for streamlined flow of development and reliability of services. Sharpen your approach by adopting Prodapt’s proven DevOps practices, ensuring seamless integration of CI/CD and SRE methodologies.

  4. Scaled and Integrated Automation Testing across Environments

    Harmonizing varied testing environments, managing tool integration complexities, and addressing data privacy are paramount for effective automation testing for service providers. Drive efficiency with Prodapt’s streamlined and secure testing methods.

  5. Testing & E2E Automation Framework

    In the era of connected digital devices and applications, testing is crucial to understand real-world device behavior and for ensuring delightful customer experiences. Leverage our AI/ML-based test automation models and frameworks for end-to-end QoE assurance, ensuring a flawless user experience across platforms and form factors.

Service OFFERINGS 2/5

You need to ensure high application performance, security, and scalability to deliver a unified user experience while managing infrastructure, performance, incidents, and resources.

Leverage Prodapt’s services to effectively manage front-end and back-end operations, ITOps, incidents, and change management.

  1. Platform Management & Operations-As-A-Service

    Scalability hurdles, integration complexities, and security/compliance concerns impact operational efficiency, influencing seamless delivery and management of interconnected solutions. Resolve by adopting Prodapt’s service-oriented model for streamlined delivery and management of applications and middleware platforms.

  2. Agile Environment Management Services (AEM)

    Frequent scope changes and resource allocation complexities in Agile Environment Management Services hamper efficient planning, impacting project timelines and deliverables. Accelerate Time to Market with our agile end-to-end application environment support.

  3. Application Intelligence and Monitoring Factory (AIM)

    Businesses need to efficiently monitor their applications to interpret complex data and proactively resolve issues. Use Prodapt’s advanced monitoring tools for real-time discovery of application health services.

  4. Cloud Operations Management

    Inadequate resource scaling, security concerns, and cost management complexities in cloud operations impact efficiency, posing challenges for seamless and optimized cloud service delivery. Get a one-stop-solution to efficiently manage all your cloud resources.

  5. Professional Services (Multi-Geo)

    Cultural differences, communication challenges, and time zone incompatibility across multi-geo professional services disrupt seamless collaboration. Overcome these challenges and ensures smooth project delivery through implementation, upgrade, and modernization services.

Service OFFERINGS 3/5

Businesses face hurdles due to interconnected data pipelines and non-standard data governance, technology and security needs, hindering deployment and integration of AI solutions to drive decision-making based on data insights.

Build a resilient, scalable, and future-ready data ecosystem with streamlined data pipelines, application migration & modernization, data cloud operations, and AI-driven analytics.

  1. Data Management on Cloud

    Traditional data infrastructure lags in efficiently handling vast data, causing silos and slow decision-making. Leverage our cloud-driven data platform for unified, secure, and scalable solutions, seamlessly enabling real-time collection, storage, processing, and analysis with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

  2. Migrate and Modernize Data

    Migration and modernization are vital for businesses looking to innovate, scale, and embrace growth opportunities. Optimize your journey with a large-scale data pipeline and application migration to the Cloud. Leverage our data modernization services to meet growing business demands and foster digital growth.

  3. Advanced Analytics & Insights powered by AI

    Storage of data across multiple siloed legacy systems can hamper decision-making. Our futuristic, cloud-native data modernization solutions, fully integrated with AI data models, can help you gain actionable business insights into the product lifecycle.

  4. Scaled AI & Machine Learning

    With the increasing complexity of operations and the vast amount of data generated from various sources, an organization needs AI-powered solutions to efficiently analyze and make data-driven decisions. Run and scale ML use cases to unearth insights from data and predict and resolve issues with high automation.

  5. Cost & Performance Management

    Fluctuations in cloud data costs due to dynamic workloads impact cost predictability and optimal performance management. Perform continual monitoring, performance tuning, and optimization of cloud data to lower costs and improve performance with AI-driven insights.

Service OFFERINGS 4/5

To roll out 5G networks faster and ensure optimal performance, businesses must address challenges arising from cyberattacks, unreliable network infrastructure, network redundancy, and unsecured distributed edge devices.

Explore our 5G, Edge, network security, and uninterrupted connectivity solutions to enable resilient & high-performing connectivity infrastructure.

  1. 5G

    Communications Service Providers are looking to deploy high-quality 5G networks face stringent timelines and intricate technical requirements amid heightening competition. Leverage our expertise and enable 5G networks through automation accelerators like Netbots.AI and other service orchestrators (o/v Ran, Core, vEdge).

  2. Edge

    Companies want to gain flexibility and effective management to ace their customer experience game and rely on Edge to host critical applications. Design and operate Edge computing, storage, application hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to provide the lowest possible latency.

  3. IoT

    Addressing heightened security risks, ensuring interoperability, and managing vast data impact service providers in IoT, hindering seamless integration and efficient deployment. Overcome these challenges using Prodapt’s advanced services around device management, application enablement, real-time data analytics, and integration.

  4. Network Analytics & Assurance

    Amid the emergence of technologies like 5G and increased connected devices, businesses must swiftly identify and resolve network anomalies, ensuring seamless operations, quality service, and proactive issue resolution. Take control of your network’s resiliency and efficiency using our 3600 Network analytics platform, which enables real-time monitoring and network outage/fault prediction.

  5. Dev/Testing for Network Software, Connectivity products

    Network software is evolving to provide an Experience-first approach for end users, driving visibility for service providers to know user behaviour & network performance real-time. Leverage Prodapt’s services to accelerate development & testing of your network software, 5G/ Edge solutions, roll out faster and streamline operations to enable these experiences for end users.

Service OFFERINGS 5/5

Your platform needs a unified cloud environment, optimized data centers, and secure virtualized environments to meet the demands of the digital consumer.

Establish a future-ready infrastructure using Prodapt’s cloud Infrastructure, Data center, virtualization & ASIC chip design capabilities.

  1. Cloud Infrastructure

    Configuring diverse cloud components poses complexity, impacting seamless functionality and operational efficiency in infrastructure setup. Establish the necessary infrastructure to create and operate hyperscaler/on-prem cloud instances for your digital platform.

  2. Data Center Management

    Data centers want to accelerate their agility to ensure business continuity, efficiency, and security. However, complex infrastructure amid ever-evolving technology makes it a challenging task. Leverage our future-ready, AI-enabled data center operations for optimal performance, security, and reliability.

  3. VaaS

    Network administrators need enhanced agility, resiliency, efficiency, and resource availability amid widespread adoption of Virtualization, which has led to the benefits of reduced capital and operating expenses. Prodapt’s proven Virtualization-as-a-service helps them scale their businesses without the need for on-prem hardware.

  4. ASIC chip design services

    Businesses grapple with an increasing design complexity, time and resource limitations, testbench construction, completion of functional coverage, bug fixing, and synchronization of all these factors. Address these challenges with FPGA-based emulation, UVM verification, and comprehensive layout services for analog, digital, and mixed signals, covering DFT, ATPG, BIST, Scan, and ATE.

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