Adopt new-age capabilities to deliver omni-channel streaming experiences


Keep up with disruptions in media technologies to design and rollout scalable entertainment services.


Meet the growing challenges caused by disruptive technologies, by acquiring capabilities that help you proactively predict the changing consumer preferences and adopt innovative strategies.

Leverage our purpose-built AI/ML-powered predictive analytics to understand consumer behaviors and design scalable new-age IPTV & OTT platforms, enhance live streaming experiences, and rollout entertainment services across geographies.

61%Acceleration in new media services

5XIncrease in the campaign ROI

Prodapt's media and entertainment services help service providers deliver content, enhance experience and improve commercial operations.

In an ever-changing world of consumer behaviors and commercial models, entertainment firms must stay ahead of curve by building synergistic digital capabilities for captivating content, engaging experience, and flexible commerce.

Sanjeev Honakhande | Head of Media & Entertainment Services

  1. 1. Content
  2. 2. Experience
  3. 3. Commerce
Service OFFERINGS 1/3

Delight your subscribers through exceptional content and flawless delivery.

We help you deploy, operate and deliver content seamlessly across various platforms in different formats.

  1. Deploy

    Reducing time-to-provision content environments can help a business accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs. Leverage our Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) service to reduce your provisioning time and operational costs of content environments, networks, and disaster recovery sites.

  2. Operate

    Increasing Content Delivery Network (CDN) traffic calls for optimization and better planning capacity requirements. Improve the accuracy of your CDN capacity planning with AI predictive analytics.

  3. Deliver

    With the increasing demand for live and streaming videos, businesses need to rollout their services faster to stay competitive. Accelerate your cross-platform and cross-format streaming services flawlessly.

Service OFFERINGS 2/3

Stand out in the crowd by delivering tailor-made experiences to your subscribers.

Upgrade your digital capabilities to understand your subscribers' behavior and offer hyper-personalization.

  1. Connect

    As businesses look for more flexibility and agility, they need to enhance their digital capabilities. Boost subscriber experience by digitally transforming your monolithic to the microservices-based platform.

  2. Entertain

    Tailored content and flexible pricing can elevate the subscriber experience. Upgrade your platforms and processes to enable faster delivery of hyper-personalized content.

  3. Engage

    By tracking subscriber behavior, businesses can solve problems promptly, reduce churn and boost content performance. Our AI-powered solutions help you identify churn-risk subscribers, understand their pain points, and offer personalized subscription plans that keep them delighted.

Service OFFERINGS 3/3

Grow your subscriber base by creating new revenue streams, optimizing your commercial operations and modernizing your infrastructure.

Make the most out of your subscribers and extend your capabilities beyond just content streaming.

  1. Monetize

    With the increasing online viewership and subscriber spending, creating new revenue streams leveraging content has become vital for businesses. Capture market beyond content streaming, with a unified platform for your cross-over formats, ads, and live commerce.

  2. Operate

    Businesses need to optimize their commercial operations to enhance service uptake and revenue realization. Scale your order management, digital ad sales management, and digital-first customer support through our global multi-lingual services.

  3. Grow

    Businesses need to modernize their CRM, sales, and commerce systems for better scalability and growth. Leverage Salesforce Media Cloud to take a scalable and industry-focused approach to transform your business for hyper-growth.

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