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Automation can elevate your binge-watching experience by a notch

How a leading connected home solutions provider in the U.S. delivered rich customer experience using automation in testing


The Connected Home Network market is crowded with a wide range of players vying for position, but its ultimate differentiator is how it provides a rich customer experience.

Connected homes, being a rapidly evolving market, demands rollout and upgrades of equipment (broadband routers, switches, WIFI modems, etc.) at the customer premise to keep up with the fast-changing technological advancements.

Validating functionality, managing quality, and ensuring zero defects with minimal support for post-product issues for 100+ equipment variants at a faster pace is a tough row to hoe.

In a nutshell, connected home solutions providers must provide robust and secure solutions, making your home the new frontier for next-generation services. This makes both quality and speed equally important for success.

But what if the quality expectations are not met? What consequences do service providers face in such scenarios?


69% automation in testing

81% reduction in manual efforts

78% decrease in defects

Client Situation

Our client, a leading provider of connected home solutions, could not produce high-quality products faster than their competitors. The traditional testing methodologies impacted their market agility.

The client was desirous of enhancing and expediting the testing of broadband equipment for customer premises like routers, switches, modems, and FTTH gateways. This will enable them to enhance customer experience, improve time-to-market and reduce operational costs.

Keeping up with the market changes and staying ahead of competitors was tough. Currently, the client is known for its unbeatable service delivery platforms – their supremacy in innovation and elegance in designs needed to be safeguarded at all costs.

Strong automation testing capabilities combined with connected home domain expertise make Prodapt a partner of choice.


The client highly relied on manual testing for its residential gateway devices as it is easier and quicker to implement with bare minimum skills. However, they failed to realize that manual testing is inherently slow, prone to errors, proves more expensive in the long run, and lacks scalability.

 Failure to embrace the advanced testing techniques and automation capabilities hindered the client’s ability to deliver a rich, connected home experience.

 Moreover, they maintained different testing frameworks and teams for various equipment models. This created inconsistencies and inefficiencies in their testing, lowering their defect detection rate, further catalyzing the testing efforts to go down in flames.

Solving It

Prodapt brought about a revolution in current testing methods used by the client. We established a next-gen test lab to deliver advanced automation testing capabilities for a wide range of residential equipment.

To ensure 100% test coverage, we developed a Unified Test Automation Framework for functional, performance, and services testing to test a wide range of devices. It also helped the client optimize the way its teams were operating. We leveraged tools like Veriwave for throughput and performance testing.

The client was able to enhance connected home network experiences for their end customers. This was made possible due to faster product rollouts, reduced time-to-market, and improved employee productivity.  They could achieve 69% automation in testing, which led to an 81% reduction in manual efforts. They could also reduce 78% defects.

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