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Transforming business processes in the Connectedness industry into intelligent, data-driven, agile, scalable operating models to create and deliver exceptional experiences.


The Connectedness industry is evolving with the advent of advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI, and edge computing.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the surge in high-speed data and fiber-optic requirements, amplified by IoT integration, creates a complex operational arena. Further complexity arises from ongoing network upgrades, strategic industry mergers, and stiff competition for customer loyalty. These challenges necessitate robust, scalable operational frameworks and a digital-first approach to customer engagement across various markets and product lines. The urgency to adapt and innovate is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage and operational agility.

$9.73 Bn The Global Fiber Optics Market Size is projected to reach
$9.73 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 10.3%.

$544.8 Bn The global business process outsourcing market is expected to grow to $544.8 billion in 2032.

Prodapt's Business Process Services span the entire spectrum of back-office operations from order to provisioning. They include accelerating the fiber plan and rollout journey from Design to As-built, omnichannel customer support & embedding, and enabling Hyperautomation for operational efficiency, effectiveness, and service excellence.

The synergy of Hyperautomation and Generative AI is poised to revolutionize the landscape of Business Process Services by consistently delivering excellence at every juncture of the journey from fiber design to order placement, ultimately ensuring Hypercare throughout the customer and process life cycle.

Pankaj Bandlish | Head of Operational Excellence Solutions & Sales 

Industry Outlook 1/3

Deep deployment of fiber optics is a global imperative

The US requires an investment of $130–150 bn in fiber infrastructure over the next five to seven years, says a Deloitte Consulting analysis.

  1. Fiber Operations as a Service for accelerated rollouts
  2. End-to-end build journey orchestration
Industry Outlook 2/3

The Arrival of Generative AI technologies

By 2025, 80% of customer service and support organizations will be applying Generative AI technology in some form to improve agent productivity and customer experience (CX), says Gartner.

  1. Telebots Hyperautomation framework for agile deployment of automation
  2. Customer experience enhancement through digital-first levers with Gen AI
Industry Outlook 3/3

Autonomous Operations is the next digital frontier for strategic growth & sustained market leadership

Autonomous business is a characterization of the “post-digital-business” period, a style of business partly governed and
majority-operated by self-learning software agents: Gartner.

  1. Autonomous Service delivery for lead-to-order and Order-to-Activate operations.
  2. Fixed Mobile Convergent billing operations with an integrated technology stack
  1. 1. Fiber Design & Engineering
  2. 2. Managed Back Office Operations
  3. 3. Digital Contact Center
  4. 4. Hyperautomation
Service OFFERINGS 1/4

Accelerate your fiber rollout journey and gain a competitive edge through scalable, swift-to-market operations.

As a domain-specific service provider, Prodapt incorporates in-depth fiber technology expertise, employing the optimal blend of process acumen, domain skills, and technology tools to deliver unparalleled services.

  1. Site Qualification

    Optimize your rollout strategy by identifying the most suitable polygon regions through detailed planning and feasibility analysis. Leveraging seasoned experts with technical and regulatory acumen, we employ established templates and processes to validate qualification parameters and provide accurate cost projections.

  2. Design Operations

    Benefit from our global team of specialist design engineers, proficient in High-Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD) across a range of products including FTTX/FTTP, GPON, G.FAST, VDSL, and HFC. Our expertise extends to designing Core/Backhaul, Front Haul, and distribution networks including wayleaves/permits. Supported by training from our GIS Center of Excellence, our cross-skilled team is adept at multiple platforms like 3GIS, ArcGIS, IQGEO, GCOMMS, Small World, and QGIS, ensuring high-quality design outcomes.

  3. Post-built Operations

    Streamline the validation and integration of As-Built documentation from a variety of construction vendors, expediting transition to Ready-for-Service (RFS) status. Minimize audit durations through comprehensive comparisons of planned versus actual build, coupled with meticulous Bill of Materials (BOM) validation processes. Leverage automation to optimize As-Built document creation and implement stringent quality assurance protocols to scrutinize field work by vendor partners.

  4. GIS Center of Excellence

    With partnerships across key GIS platform providers, we transform the way of GIS operations including seamless migration across GIS platforms, geospatial data conversion and migration, service design assessment of GIS landscape, platform customization & integration and orchestration of fiber rollout journey.

Service OFFERINGS 2/4

Establish managed services operating models to achieve service excellence, driven by business metrics, outcomes, and optimized operational spend.

Utilize TM Forum standards to set up an agile, global service delivery model including Strategic nearshore centers with AI-driven frameworks to elevate customer satisfaction and deliver measurable business results.

  1. Order Management

    Fragmented systems and complex processes contribute to delays in service activation for customers. Shorten the time to deliver services and enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging our comprehensive operations expertise, spanning order validation, provisioning, project coordination, and activation, among others.

  2. Billing & Revenue Assurance

    Embark on the journey towards Zero billing issues with our specialized agents on Billing operations. Focus on complexities of convergent billing, product changes, and pricing models while outsourcing back-office tasks. Integrate technology and operations expertise to offer best-in-class solutions in areas including Pre-Bill Verification, Billing Fallouts, and Dispute Management, ensuring precise query resolution and effective issue remediation for customers.

  3. Carrier Access

    Constant updates to policies and a diverse array of carriers give rise to complexities in carrier access operations. Our approach aims to effectively handle and enhance precision and efficiency of the order process across providers. This encompasses intercarrier billing operations and other support services.

  4. Field Ops Support

    In the communications industry, over 40% of operational expenditure is allocated to field dispatches. Streamline costs with our efficient back-office support aimed at optimizing field operations. Leveraging AI technology, our field engineering support minimizes non-productive dispatches through accurate diagnostics, assists on-site technicians, enables remote audits, and oversees documentation management.

Service OFFERINGS 3/4

Enhance your Customer Experience and elevate your Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by encouraging broader acceptance of digital channels and self-service resolutions through digitization of your contact center operations.

Our comprehensive strategy offers Omnichannel Contact Centre solutions that capitalize on chat enablement, Customer 360 insights, next-best recommendations, and predictive service models, enhanced by Gen AI models. These solutions are strengthened by our global delivery models, which encompass nearshore and offshore-based services.

  1. Omni-channel Customer Support

    Prioritize customer experience and agent engagement to forge a unique brand value by personalizing customer journeys while customizing agent interactions. Achieve best-in-class experience through consistent, high-quality customer support operations. Simplify customer journeys, enhance experiences at each touchpoint across channels, and implement a data-driven, continuous improvement strategy for impactful business metrics.

  2. Technical Support Desk

    Capitalizing on our deep domain expertise, we excel in offering meticulous technical support across Tier-1 and Tier-2 operations. This competence guarantees precise delivery of troubleshooting solutions across a diverse spectrum of products, encompassing fiber, ethernet, mobile, and more. Our understanding of the domain and products ensures timely provisioning of customized solutions to solve specific technical issues.

  3. Social Media Support

    In an age where social media commands significant influence, maintaining an organizational brand that resonates with customer values and opinions becomes paramount. Implement an integrated social media support framework across various platforms, fortified by a 24/7 global delivery team and sophisticated AI capabilities. It ensures prompt and precise resolution of pivotal customer inquiries and issues, transforming social media engagement into a strategic asset that amplifies brand loyalty and operational excellence.

Service OFFERINGS 4/4

Achieve operational efficiency by going beyond RPA, leveraging process mining and AI-powered automation.

Our Telebots - Hyperautomation frameworks help you identify business inefficiencies, simplify complex processes, measure your transformation success, and make the most of your digital solutions.

  1. Process Mining

    Businesses need to simplify their complex processes, identify inefficiencies, and formulate an improvement roadmap for seamless operations. Leverage our data-driven approach with advanced process mining tools to understand the current end-to-end AS-IS process and identify critical bottlenecks & process improvement opportunities.

  2. Intelligent Automation

    Begin the journey towards zero-touch operations utilizing a robust toolbox including RPA, iBPMS, OCR, Virtual Agents, and AI/ML for strategic automation. Specialize in customer experience enhancement, unstructured data management, and natural language interactions. Achieve increased automation rates, reduced cycle times, and elevated customer experiences.

  3. Automation Center of Excellence

    Establish an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) to govern and streamline processes from ideation through ongoing enhancements. Align top industry trends and best practices with your organizational strategy, choosing between centralized and decentralized CoE frameworks. Collaborate with business and IT teams to realize tangible, scalable benefits through a factory model approach. Utilize the in-house Telebots framework, featuring a suite of configurable, ready-to-use automation solutions, bots, and plugins across diverse tools such as MetaSolv, SNOW, UiPath, and LivePerson.

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