Leaping into a next-gen business model with lean and digitalized future-ready operations


Transforming business processes in the 'Connectedness' industry into intelligent and agile operations to deliver an exceptional experience.


The 'Connectedness' industry is evolving with the advent of advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI and edge computing.

Rising customer expectations, frequent network upgrades, the surge in usage, as well as mergers and acquisitions are adding to the complexities. This necessitates the need for consistency and scalability in your processes.

57%of companies in the US say that digitalization is critical to their operations

50%of companies find BPM effective in reducing costs

Prodapt's operational excellence services span across AI-powered operations, managed processes and Hyperautomation to help businesses lower their costs and boost customer satisfaction. Gain an edge over your competitors by tracking end-to-end digital transformation success and achieving operational efficiency.

"Hyperautomation will lower the operating costs to a huge extent soon, unlocking new opportunities for businesses to boost connectivity, efficiency, and agility of operations."

Aravind Parthasarthy | Head of COO Solutions

Industry Outlook 1/4

Accelerate Service Delivery Operations

  1. Reduce O2A cycle time by 70%
Industry Outlook 2/4

Transform Service Assurance

  1. Reduce fault service requests by 35%
Industry Outlook 3/4

Digitalize Contact Center Operations

  1. Improve NPS by 30% and reduce call volume by 40%
Industry Outlook 4/4

Optimize Field Operations

  1. Reduce truck rolls and improve operational efficiency by 2x
  1. 1. Managed
    Process Operations
    & Automation
  2. 2. AI-powered
  3. 3. Hyperautomation
Service OFFERINGS 1/3

Achieve efficiency and lower your TCO by outsourcing your operations, and deliver services that delight your customers.

We help you transform your processes using TM Forum standards, our lean service delivery model and AI-powered frameworks to accelerate service delivery, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

  1. Managed Trouble-to-Resolve (T2R)

    Service providers need to have systems and processes to assure the performance of their services. Leverage our TM Forum based business process framework to automate end-to-end T2R process leading to reduction in resolution time and costs, while improving the customer experience.

  2. Managed Order-to-Activate (O2A)

    Siloed systems, opaque processes, and multiple hand-offs cause several delays in activating services for the customer. Accelerate the time to deliver services and increase customer satisfaction with our managed O2A transformation.

  3. Telecom Process as a Service (TPaaS)

    Businesses are under pressure to digitalize their services and business processes, but several such initiatives do not deliver the expected business value. Enable transformation through process
    re-engineering, standardization, and SLA commitment with our lean service delivery model.

Service OFFERINGS 2/3

Digitalize your field operations through AI-powered solutions to optimize your operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.

We help you derive actionable insights to save time, reduce costs, minimize manual interventions and boost your operational efficiency.

  1. Truck roll optimization

    With inefficient field operations, most businesses face increased truck rolls, inflated operational costs, and poor customer experience Leverage our AI-powered truck roll optimization framework to predict service degradation, enable
    auto-resolution and prevent avoidable truck rolls.

  2. Video analytics for field dispatch operations

    Most businesses fail to increase their operational efficiency and reduce risk and costs due to a lack of intelligence and insights from field operations. Analyze field operations and derive actionable insights to improve first-time fix rates and field service teams productivity using AI-powered video intelligence.

Service OFFERINGS 3/3

Achieve operational efficiency by going beyond RPA, leveraging process mining and AI-powered automation.

Our Hyperautomation frameworks help you identify business inefficiencies, simplify complex processes, measure your transformation success, and make the most out of your digital solutions.

  1. Telebots™ Hyperautomation Framework

    Telebots™ is a cloud-native
    Hyperautomation-based operations management platform to orchestrate multiple digital solutions and deliver improvements in transformational operations. Track your end-to-end digital transformation success, including pipeline management, license tracking, and reusable component repository.

  2. Telebots™-as-a-Service

    Lack of process visibility hinders a business' ability to diagnose its current performance, forecast future performance, and optimize operations and costs. Overcome these challenges and measure benefits from implementing digital solutions with our Telebots™-as-a-Service.

  3. Process discovery through mining

    Businesses need to simplify their complex processes, identify inefficiencies, and formulate an improvement roadmap for seamless operations. Leverage our data-driven approach with advanced process mining tools to understand the current end-to-end AS-IS process, identify critical bottlenecks, and process improvement opportunities.

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