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Harnessing Nearshoring & AI for enhanced CX, Opex reduction at contact centers

Prodapt's holistic solution strategy through a nearshore contact center and AI-driven chat capabilities improved customer experience, empowered field engineers, and drove down expenses.


Communications Service Providers need to provide timely and efficient support to customers and field technicians to ensure an elevated level of customer experience and build brand loyalty. Contact centers, which are the primary touchpoint for issue resolution and product/service inquiry must provide timely support and agile troubleshooting, but they are often constrained by a host of factors: delayed resolution because of time zone differences, miscommunications due to cultural differences, linguistic barriers, and so on.

In today’s digital age, not providing efficient customer & field technician support will impact an enterprise’s brand value negatively. To address these issues holistically, Communications Service Providers are scouting for value partners who can set up and scale contact centers that can deliver personalized, efficient customer service, besides leveraging digital technologies for operational cost reduction.

What should service providers do to sharpen customer support, and enhance experiences while driving down costs at their contact centers?


15% reduced call handling time

Call resolution improved by 5-10%

CSAT increased by30%

Client Situation

Our client is a service provider of voice and data network communications and managed services. Operating across 27 states in the US, the company’s primary focus is on serving the rural market, catering to both enterprise and residential users.

The client has been grappling with a challenge in staffing its contact center with a skilled workforce to deliver efficient service to premium customers.

Additionally, reducing field dispatches to reduce operational costs was another major area of focus, besides setting up an accent-neutral contact center for effective communication with customers.

Nearshore Contact Center with next-gen tech stack solutions enhances customer experience and drives down operational costs.


As the largest & fastest-growing specialized firm in the Connectedness industry delivering technology services and consulting, Prodapt conducted a thorough analysis and discovered these challenges: the unavailability of a contact center located in proximity, delivering timely support to field engineers, and lower operational efficiency and effectiveness in resolving customer issues.

Our consulting-led approach played a crucial role in identifying the common challenges that customers faced during their interactions with contact center agents. These issues included long wait times, difficulties in reaching a live agent, struggles in understanding technical terminologies, and inefficiencies in routing calls to the appropriate teams. Coordination between customer support teams, field engineers, and other stakeholders became more challenging. This led to longer response times, delayed issue resolution, and lower overall operational efficiency.

Solving It

To address the challenges faced, Prodapt recommended a comprehensive solution approach. Firstly, we established a Nearshore contact center to provide timely support to field engineers and reduce response times, ultimately improving the operational efficiency of field technicians. Secondly, we implemented the Customer 360° system, empowering field engineers with valuable insights, real-time updates, and collaboration tools for personalized, efficient, and effective services.

Using our extensive expertise in talent acquisition and resource management, we successfully identified and swiftly brought on board a group of highly skilled professionals. We ensured they received the necessary technical training, all within the specified timeframe.

Through careful planning and effort, we ensured that our client's contact centers had a skilled and capable workforce. This allowed them to effectively meet customer needs and provide exceptional service quality.

By empowering customers with self-service options and utilizing AI-driven chat capabilities such as CCAI, LivePerson, and Kore, our client successfully achieved call deflection within chat interactions. This strategic implementation enabled customers to resolve their issues swiftly and efficiently while reducing the call volume. By seamlessly deflecting calls-to-chat interactions, our client not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also optimized their operational expenses.

Our client has achieved significant improvements in its performance metrics. The call handling time has been reduced by 13-15% within six months, while the first call resolution or installation orders have improved by 5-10% within three months. Moreover, customer satisfaction (CSAT) for premium tech support has increased by 30%.

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