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Prodapt's Software Intensive Networks enable and accelerate your future network through the synergy of IT, Network Technology (NT) & Cloud.


Emerging domains such as 5G, MEC, SDN-NFV, Cloud, IoT and others are driving the shift towards Cloud-native future networks with increasingly disaggregated components, both proprietary and open-source.

The resulting diversity in technology makes network transformation complex, expensive and mandatory – the key to achieve this is placing system and solution integration at the heart of network strategy, transformation, and delivery.

34.5%CAGR is expected in the global SDWAN market

5.25Billion users were active on the internet in December 2021

Prodapt’s Software Intensive Network framework is a portfolio of interlocking services and solutions that combine IT, network, and cloud technologies. It accelerates network transformation value through end‑to‑end solutions across evolving networks and their control systems. With a Software Intensive network, businesses in the ‘Connectedness’ industry can accelerate their 5G go‑to‑market initiatives, boost network programmability, enable new digital revenues, and reduce TCO.

"5G brings a world of new opportunities to service providers. However, these benefits are not realized if networks are not up to the task at hand."

Rajiv Papneja | Chief Technology Officer

Industry Outlook 1/5

5G, Telco Cloud, and Edge Computing

  1. vRAN, MEC, transport and edge network management & control
  2. Multivendor & multidomain integration, testing & operation​
Industry Outlook 2/5


  1. CI/CD capabilities to automate onboarding new vendors
  2. Turnkey accelerator to build, operate, transform & train networks
  3. DevNet expertise for network programmability, deployment of APIs, applications, automation, security, and focused continuous delivery
Industry Outlook 3/5

Multidomain Orchestration

  1. Cross-domain agility and orchestration
  2. End-to-end inventory management, service management, assurance, and customized dashboard
Industry Outlook 4/5

Network Reliability Engineering (NRE) Ops

  1. Autonomous networks and dark NOC using realtime observability, telemetry, AI RCA, etc. integrated with closed‑loop control
  2. Network operation automation from day‑1 to day‑2 with AI‑based closed loop framework
Industry Outlook 5/5

Managed Network Services

  1. Transport network transformation using SDWAN & SASE
  2. End‑to‑end customer experience digitalization with intelligent network operations management and growth strategy
  3. On‑demand Network‑as‑a Service (NaaS)
  1. 1. Network
  2. 2. Network
    and NetDevOps
  3. 3. Multidomain
    Network & Service
  4. 4. Network
    and Assurance
  5. 5. 5G, Network
    Cloud and Edge
  1. 6. Managed
    WAN Services
  2. 7. Mobility
    and Wireless
  3. 8. Managed
  4. 9. Data
  1. 1. Network
  2. 2. Network
    and NetDevOps
  3. 3. Multidomain
    Network & Service
  4. 4. Network
    and Assurance
  5. 5. 5G, Network
    Cloud and Edge
  6. 6. Managed
    WAN Services
  7. 7. Mobility
    and Wireless
  8. 8. Managed
  9. 9. Data
Service OFFERINGS 1/9

Transform your network with our expert‑led strategy and technology consulting services.

Our network SMEs help you formulate strategies to embrace emerging technologies, accelerate roadmaps, and implement industry best practices.

  1. 5G/Network Cloud/Edge

    5G is opening up a plethora of opportunities to service providers and enterprises, and they need to act now. Formulate strategies, implement blueprints and accelerate roadmaps for emerging domains and technologies – 5G, Network Cloud, SDN/NFV, and MEC.

  2. Multidomain transport network strategy

    Multidomain orchestration is challenging due to the lack of standard interface, interoperability, involvement of multiple partners, and the growing on-demand services. Access our network SMEs and partners to assess, define and choose suitable network solutions to implement a future-ready multidomain transport network.

  3. NetDevOps transformation

    With the growing complexities in networks today, businesses face challenges due to siloed teams, prolonged troubleshooting, disparate tools from different vendors, etc. Evolve to zero-touch network operations by bringing together industry-leading best practices on NetOps/NetDevOps to build a high-agile CI/CD network.

  4. Automation and orchestration control solutions

    Businesses often face challenges with network orchestration due to high manual interventions in network operations. Leverage our expertise in managing the full lifecycle of services using Network Service Orchestration (NeSO) & automation.

Service OFFERINGS 2/9

Evolve to zero‑touch network operations, high‑agility automated network CI/CD pipelines, and AI‑powered automation.

We help you embrace automation and transform your network to improve operational efficiency, enhance network agility and accelerate network service rollouts.

  1. Zero-touch network operations

    Businesses need to leverage AI and automation to improve operational efficiency, reduce time-to-market for new services and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Build an autonomous Zero-touch network that can effectively manage, heal, secure, scale, and govern itself.

  2. AI-powered network automation

    Lack of a unified network automation platform across the legacy, physical and virtual network functions has disrupted the introduction of next-gen service orchestrators, compromising network service availability. Leverage our NetBots.AI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered integrated network automation and validation platform, for network services.

  3. NetDevOps transformation

    Businesses need to transform their traditional NetOps to a best-in-class Network Reliability Engineering (NRE) NetDevOps ecosystem to enable faster rollout of network services. Transform your cost‑intensive parts of NetOps using our expert user‑defined automation framework and cloud-age anti‑toil paradigms like NRE.

  4. Automated network CI/CD

    Businesses need to extend their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) capabilities to make their networks agile. Automate the delivery and configuration of the network using an AI-powered framework and agile methodologies to increase network agility.

  5. OSS transformation

    Businesses with legacy Operations Support Systems (OSS) can hamper growth due to isolated, monolithic applications and complex integrations. Leverage our OSS transformation expertise to design, build and operationalize next-gen OSS that can position you to serve digital-native customers better.

Service OFFERINGS 3/9

Enable model‑driven, multidomain network and service orchestration, with an intent‑based closed‑loop network control.

We help you reimagine service design to differentiate your services in the market. Acquire advanced fibre and network orchestration capabilities to power innovation and growth.

  1. Intent-driven service orchestration

    Today, intent-driven automation is the key to enabling agility and innovation to strengthen your market position. Understand the intent and apply it to services for differentiation and personalization using service orchestration, network automation, Zero-touch service fulfillment, service assurance, and network slicing.

  2. Service design

    A poorly designed service impacts the overall customer experience and hampers the adoption of new services. Design your service and data models using TM Forum and MEF standards through our service modeler that offers a rich and easy-to-use interface.

  3. Fibre-as-a-Service

    Fibre operators must scale their capabilities for faster growth with best-of-breed solution components that leverage service orchestration, assurance, customer and order management. The Fibre‑as‑a‑Service facilitates more rapid innovation and revenue growth with out‑of‑the‑box fiber capabilities.

  4. Network orchestration

    Businesses need to transform their service orchestration for seamless interaction between multiple network elements via open API integration. Leverage our Network Service Orchestration (NeSO) framework that offers full lifecycle management of services across domains (xNFs) with a centralized service catalog & policy management.

Service OFFERINGS 4/9

Adopt autonomous networks and lights‑out NOC, using real‑time observability, telemetry, and AI‑assisted RCA.

We help you reduce manual efforts in network management, increase flexibility and improve efficiency using our AI-powered solutions and accelerators.

  1. AI-based predictive assurance

    Network operations have become complicated due to a mix of legacy and virtualized infra. Businesses find it hard to manage the network manually. Embrace an AI approach to learn your network’s behavior and proactively discover the issues that could lead to future problems.

  2. AI-powered network analytics (Synapt)

    Evolve your big data analytics into an applied intelligence hub to gain actionable network insights. Leverage Synapt, our network intelligence accelerator that offers web-scale operations capabilities bringing together reusable intelligent microservices to build E2E solutions.

  3. Network capacity prediction

    As building modern networks is getting complex, businesses need to predict the future network capacity for better planning. Improve the efficiency in your network capacity planning with AI-predictive analytics..

  4. Network 360

    Using multiple network technologies, product OEMs, complex network topologies, and rapid growth call for a holistic and real-time view of the network to gain insights. Leverage our Network 360, a real-time network visualization framework to enable an intelligent and convergent view of your network, meeting the growing demands of network planning and network operations.

  5. Network Service Assurance (NeSA)

    With the increasing complexities in networks, businesses need an efficient way to measure and deliver an optimal customer experience. Experience automated root cause analysis, self‑remediation, and predictive maintenance using our end‑to‑end NeSA capability built over a unified data platform.

Service OFFERINGS 5/9

Explore, onboard, and integrate emerging domains and technologies – 5G, Telco Cloud and MEC.

We help you transform your services by shaping your ideas into MVPs to uniquely position you in the market.

  1. 5G Edge orchestration

    Service providers are looking to gain flexibility and effective management to ace their customer experience game, and they are relying on edge to host certain critical applications. Experience a wider digital integration with our Lite Edge Orchestrator (LEO) that combines edge computing, networking (5G, SDN, SDWAN) control, and open API interface for services & macro resources (Eg: TMF 638, 639, 640, etc.).

  2. 5G OSS reshaping/integration solutions

    Businesses are undergoing multi-faceted transformations to launch their 5G services, disaggregate and cloudify their networks and improve operational efficiencies among others. Enable the management and orchestration (MANO) of all resources in your virtualized data center through our 5G OSS integration expertise.

  3. Lab-as-a-Service

    To meet the growing demands for the network in today's fast-paced world, setting up a 5G lab with a multi-vendor ecosystem to simulate and test different applications and use cases can be overwhelming. Onboard and harness a ready-to-use lab with a pre-integrated environment from leading technology vendors for comprehensive and competitive solutions, using our Lab‑as‑a‑Service.

  4. Network slicing

    Industry-specific use cases and mission-critical applications demand uniform global connectivity with assured QoS. Deliver differentiated service quality with tailored connectivity to enterprises leveraging our 5G network expertise.

  5. MVPs for 5G services

    Service providers need to transform their 5G business ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to stay ahead of their competitors. Leverage our expertise in developing MVPs, including technology exploration, Virtual Network Function (VNF) onboarding, benchmarking and certification, Network-Cloud solutions, as well as NFV-MANO.

Service OFFERINGS 6/9

Enable transformation of transport networks using SDWAN/SASE - design, provisioning, and day 2 operations.

We help you reduce your hassles, embrace new opportunities and accelerate digital service launches using our SDWAN services and OVX.

  1. SDWAN/SASE services

    Digital transformation drives businesses towards embracing SDWAN, which reduces complexity and improves speed and agility while enabling multi-cloud networking and security. Transform your end-to-end legacy WAN by designing, engineering, and deploying managed SDWAN and cloud-delivered security - Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

  2. Open Virtual Exchange (OVX)

    As service providers are on their journey to unlock new business opportunities and be future-ready, there is a need for best-of-breed network equipment as well as pre-integrated test and validation metrics. Get access to our 360° partner ecosystem with OVX. It offers solution design, development, and system integration services, enabling network providers and users to accelerate the launch of new digital services.

Service OFFERINGS 7/9

Mobility has become a norm for enterprise connectivity today.

Revitalize your enterprise wireless and mobile solutions by combining them with our years of experience in core wireless devices and technologies including broadband, 5G networks, femtocells, backhaul, and LTE/WiMAX.

  1. RF Technologies

    Improve the quality of overall customer experience using our planning, design, implementation, testing, IP RAN, and IP core services.

  2. Backhaul Solutions

    For successful 5G deployments, mobile network operators need transport technologies that fulfill networks' throughput, latency, and reliability requirements. Leverage our blended solutions, which include mobile, IP, and hybrid backhauls.

  3. Virtual Evolved Packet Core Services

    Most service providers look for the seamless transformation of packet core services in a multi-vendor environment. Experience our network design, build, deployment, and implementation services, UE installation, femtocells, end-to-end solutions, and validations for a seamless transformation.

  4. Smart WiFi & WiMAX Managed Services

    The rapidly growing mobile consumer base fuels the demand for network access pushing the evolution of wireless technologies. Deliver innovative networks for service providers, enterprises, smart cities, health care, educational institutions, and other sectors with comprehensive service network design, network build, deployment, optimization, and managed services.

Service OFFERINGS 8/9

Digital transformation is underway, and digital-native companies are causing disruptions in the marketplace, redefining customer experience.

Power up your network using our advanced network services.

  1. Enterprise Network

    Continuous upgradation of the network infrastructure is essential to fulfilling an enterprise's desired bandwidth, speed, and security requirements. Experience our end-to-end network services, including consulting assessments, design, deployment, integration, and network-managed services to perform network audits, provide on-site assistance to your teams, and upgrade your infrastructure.

  2. Telco-Carrier Networks

    Telecom service providers have a range of priorities, such as network longevity, business security, revenue growth, and regulatory compliance. Leverage our years of experience in telecom/carrier service provider networks, including core, access, transport, microwave, optical, OSS/BSS, broadband, RF technologies, and field services, to address your vital network requirements.

  3. NOC Services

    To provide 24/7 uptime, an organization must consider continuous monitoring and managing network firewalls, reporting on network health, and proactively spotting security issues. Meet SLAs, reduce costs based on a pre-emptive approach, and provide proactive solutions using our unique methods to NOC services.

Service OFFERINGS 9/9

With organizations hugely relying on data centers for rapid, efficient, and secure business services, the demand for computing, storage, and service-level maintenance is continuously rising.

Leverage our efficient and agile data center services that enable better automation and are responsive in delivering business services.

  1. Data Center Networking

    With the growth of complexities in enterprise computing environments over time, service providers witness more complications in the interconnect of the network, compute, and storage devices for high-performance levels. Integrate networking resources such as switching, routing, load balancing, etc., with server and storage infrastructure for a holistic view of your entire data center network and achieve higher reliability and availability.

  2. Data Center Virtualization

    Traditional data centers use hardware components, such as switches, storage systems, routers, and servers which involve significant limitations. Experience faster enterprise transformation and scale on demand using our virtualized and hybrid cloud solutions.



Network Service Orchestration

Open Source based Service Orchestration engine, exposing APIs for Configuration, Service and Policy changes. Integrated with Blue Planet SOO, BPI and MDSO.


Network Service Assurance

E2E Service Assurance solution using proven Open-Source platforms handling faults, events, alarms, and performance of the network over a unified data platform.


Network Element Management Abstraction

Network services abstraction layer providing centralized mediation for network configuration & management, enabling automated service fulfillment across multivendor physical & virtual domains.


The 360° view of the network to drive smart decision-making for reactive & proactive monitoring.

Service Modeler

Easy-to-use Interface for designing Service and Data Models, with loaded blueprints incorporating TMF & MEF standards.


Network bots perform repetitive tasks for Network Automation, increasing speed, efficiency and can be extended towards diagnosis & remediation.

AI-led Fault Prediction

Data science workbench to incorporate AI in the network using all the data available, for trend analysis, anomaly detection and fault prediction.

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