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Automation framework draws a new path for efficient IP migration

How orchestration and automation enabled IP migration flow supported business growth.


A fast-growing subscriber base is every service provider’s dream! However, exponential business growth increases network management and operational complexities.

Since the dawn of the internet, managing and configuring IP addresses has been a basic responsibility of network administrators. They carry out IP address management for thousands of devices with multiple servers and protocols.

Manually configuring several IP devices with outdated solutions is inefficient and risky and leads to service outages. Organizations must formulate a robust strategy to configure and manage complex networks.


668 person-days savings within 5 months

Two-third acceleration in delivery speed

35% more operational efficiency

Client Situation

Our client is a Canadian communications and media company providing nationwide network access to enterprise businesses. They wanted to upgrade their IP subnets for their customers’ network devices to align with their business growth efforts.

The business snowballed, and they had to onboard customers faster, leading to an overhaul of the IP address.

Migrating approximately 17K devices manually was a voluminous task requiring lots of effort and teamwork. Furthermore, configuring the new subnet was challenging due to the heterogeneous network architecture.

The client’s objective was to successfully rehaul the addressing of devices, reduce the network administrators’ workload, eliminate redundant tasks, and improve overall performance and efficiency.

Prodapt partnered with the client to provide a large-scale, minimal-touch migration solution to support current and future requirements.

Our IP migration automation solution enhanced the network device management to support next-generation IP services.


The client’s legacy third-party vendor portal did not have the functionality to keep up with their growth. They faced many challenges migrating and configuring millions of new IP addresses in Access Network Devices across regions.

Due to the lack of automation between the service portal and devices, network administrators had to configure IP for every device manually. With the right strategy and reliable tools, network administrators could achieve faster and error-free migration.

Solving It

Our implementation approach facilitated integration with the client’s network management server and service portals, to enable tracking device details and IP address management.

We deployed our Technology Automation Framework (TAF) to orchestrate and automate end-to-end IP migration. The client achieved mass migration flawlessly in a short period through migration flow automation, IP address configuration, UI testing, service pre-checks, and post-checks. We took a multi-thread parallel approach to accelerate migration.

The framework we offered for device IP migration was also extended for migrating network elements, EMS/NMS, orchestrators, and OSS/BSS applications.

After implementing our solution, the client saved 668 person-days within 5 months, achieving a two-thirds acceleration in the overall speed of delivery. The solution increased the operational efficiency by 35% while enhancing the experience with lesser fallouts during the migration cycle.

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