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How we built a resilient software-defined transformation model for a "Big 4" banking institution in the US to deliver fast, reliable, and secure services


The increasing adoption of smart devices and data consumption among users is putting immense pressure on the network infrastructure of large enterprises in the banking domain. Their traditional, rigid, complex network architecture hinders them from fulfilling their customers' evolving needs. Due to the involvement of multiple vendors and equipment across 100+ locations, vendor management was becoming complex, causing disparity among systems.

These challenges force enterprises to rapidly transform and modernize their networks to better serve their customers.


85%improvement in network stability

2Ximprovement in operational efficiency

95%customer satisfaction score for the Top-20 developed countries

Client Situation

Our client is a leading computer networking products provider in the US and operates worldwide. They were looking for an expert to partner with and transform one of the world’s largest financial institution’s legacy networks and global multi-vendor environments for improved connectivity.

The client sought help identifying opportunities in network automation and modernization of the change and incident management process for faster network service deployment.

Software-defined networks SDN and Prodapt's expertise in network solutions provided a new horizon for connectedness.


Complex architectures and critical backend applications posed severe challenges for the IT team in managing Wide Area Networks (WANs). The scattered nature of multiple infrastructures from WAN to cloud through different provider workflows hindered the visibility into network and infrastructure.

Virtualizing a network across a traditionally built WAN was complex, requiring virtual routing and forwarding (VRFs) and several overlays to maintain a security boundary.

Their organization was using SaaS or public cloud applications which lacked visibility into the network performance across boundaries. Their traditional change management was slow, process-heavy, complex, bureaucratic, and painful.

Solving It

Prodapt partnered with the global enterprise networking leader, offering a full range of global network transformation solutions including advisory, design, implementation, optimization, and managed services. We transformed the client's legacy network connectivity into a modern SDWAN solution. In addition, we managed their multi-vendor large-scale network comprising several equipment and gears such as routers and switches and their components such as access points, cloud SDWAN suite, security firewalls, etc.

We developed a solution that facilitated network connectivity across several sites. Our modern change and incident management processes helped the client prevent connectivity problems, reduce repair calls, and incorporate changes to the network infrastructure and code faster.

We automated the network operations and used a logical approach to analyze trends and patterns that could prevent problems. We also provided an ML-based network monitoring and intelligence tool that offered visibility into SDWAN health and enabled data-driven decision-making.

Post transforming the network into a software-defined model, our partner’s enterprise customer was able to enjoy high network availability and resiliency.

After successfully deploying our solutions, the client realized a year-on-year savings of over 100M USD. They achieved an 85% improvement in network stability and a reduction in error rates. They could also boost their operational efficiency by 2X through better data visualization and achieved a customer satisfaction score of over 95% for the Top-20 developed countries.

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