Elevate your digital customer experience in the new normal

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Reimagining digital interactions with the customer to create engaging and lasting connections.


A delightful digital customer experience is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’. It has become a critical differentiator for every business.

Digital experience signifies the overall brand perception in customers’ eyes, built through consistent, seamless interactions across multiple digital platforms.

Businesses can spark powerful and memorable emotions by delivering a personalized customer experience through digital channels. This makes the customers more engaged, satisfied, and loyal.

28%Improvement in the Contact Center NPS

30% Increase in sales conversion rate

Prodapt’s Digital Customer Experience services enable businesses in the 'Connectedness' industry to reimagine digital technologies in line with the changing customer expectations. Modernize your customer journeys with digital experience engineering and TM-Forum backed Digital Centre of Excellence.

Leveraging a Digital-first model and artificial intelligence technologies can help you deliver delightful customer experiences.

Ramon Kampinga | Management Consulting

Industry outlook 1/4

Establish a 'Digital-first' culture

  1. Build organizational change capability
Industry outlook 2/4

Provide seamless digital experience across customer touchpoints

  1. Ensure consistent brand experience across product lines and goes
Industry outlook 3/4

Deliver omnichannel customer engagement

  1. Offer hyper-personalization at scale with speed and flexibility
Industry outlook 4/4

Launch diverse portfolio of digital services

  1. Build an agile and flexible digital platform to transform services as per customer needs quickly
  1. 1. Digital
    Centre of
    Excellence (DCoE)
  2. 2. Digital
  3. 3. Digital
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Setup a Digital Centre of Excellence (DCoE) that helps you define and execute a digital strategy to deliver
best-in-class experiences.

We help you assess your digital maturity, build scalable digital capabilities, and transform your processes to deliver new customer experiences.

  1. TM-Forum-inspired digital maturity assessment

    Building digital capabilities without a holistic strategy can delay transformation programs. Evaluate the maturity level of your existing digital capabilities to plan transition steps and accelerate your digital transformation.

  2. Scaled agile delivery

    To reach digital maturity goals faster, businesses need to scale up across multiple teams and business units. Leverage our
    in-depth experience in running multiple streams in a scaled agile model to build various digital capabilities.

  3. Process transformation

    Transforming to new digital stacks will be successful if the underlying processes are aligned. Leverage our process modeling framework to align and transform your meta-process, ensuring successful rollout of new digital capabilities.

  4. Digital Factory-as-a-Service

    Large digital transformation projects need skilled digital workforces with deep domain expertise. Create different levels of customer engagement with our flexible Digital Factory-as-a-Service, with Prodapt taking complete accountability to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Service OFFERINGS 2/3

Deliver digital capabilities at scale and at a faster rate than your competitors.

Allow for flawless experiences, accelerate the development of digital capabilities, and use AI to validate digital experience delivery.

  1. Digital eXperience platform implementation

    To keep up with changing customer needs, businesses must build, deploy, and constantly improve websites, portals, mobile apps, and other digital experience touchpoints. Our tried-and-true approach to building a lean and flexible Digital Experience Platform enables businesses to accelerate the development of digital capabilities and deliver them to users more quickly.

  2. AI-powered digital experience testing

    Measuring the performance of digital experiences across multiple platforms and form factors necessitates extensive testing. Use AI to automate testing and gain deep insights to improve performance.

  3. Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach

    Crafting delightful digital experiences has become more difficult as modern business environments have become more complex. Adopt a domain-driven design approach to build models with domain logic at their core, empowering teams to create long-lasting digital experiences.

  4. Mutti-channel app deployment

    The modern digital consumer can be found in multiple channels, each with their own preferred device and form factor. Allow for consistent and elevated digital experiences across multiple channels, such as mobile, wearables, Metaverse-specific devices, and others.

Service OFFERINGS 3/3

Analyze the various stages of your customer lifecycle in order to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

To reimagine your customer journey, develop digital strategies and use our key accelerators. Utilize artificial intelligence to analyze customer experiences at each touchpoint and modernize their journey.

  1. Unified customer experience strategy

    To increase customer lifetime value, your brand must be easily identifiable and interactable across all touchpoints. Manage your customer journey with our key accelerators based on omnichannel strategy, customer data platform, and digital identity.

    • Artificial intelligence-enhanced customer engagement
    • Customer journey analytics
  2. Hyper-automate app development

    Agile applications that can scale quickly power the digital world. Integrate hyperautomation features into the development lifecycle, enable CI/CD capabilities, and accelerate application deployment.

  3. Monorepo

    Managing and organizing your code across multiple projects that use various technologies and languages is a difficult task. To build web applications at scale, use Monorepo for a single repository and smart and extensible frameworks.

  4. Digital Architecture for eCommerce & Selfcare

    To create great shopping experiences, digital marketplaces must have simple interfaces, robust and integrated fulfillment, and efficient support mechanisms. To provide superior experiences, design a simple architecture for your eCommerce website and implement an easy-to-use Selfcare function.

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