Driving hypergrowth in the digital era with IT agility


Powering business-led transformation of IT to modernize technology operations, improve business value, and enhance customer experience.


Businesses are constantly looking for growth, service differentiation, and improved customer satisfaction. They rely on IT as an enabler to launch new products faster and enhance productivity with the adoption of latest technologies.

Agility is vital for the IT landscape, demanding alignment with the business. It empowers CIOs/IT leaders to accelerate innovation and quicken product cycles. Delivering faster, seamless services is critical to provide a unique customer experience.

30%Faster feature rollouts

25%Reduction in the overall TCO

Prodapt helps you modernize your IT landscape by starting from formulation of strategies to implementation of futuristic technologies. Make your IT landscape more scalable, business friendly, and easy to maintain.

“Modernization of the IT landscape is a constant battle and achieving
hyper-growth would only be a dream without transformation.”

Sriram Sathanur Santhanam | Head of IT services

Industry Outlook 1/4

Embrace business composability to swiftly evolve with market needs

  1. Modernize the IT landscape with
    cloud-first approach to complete against digital disruptors, and reduce TCO
Industry Outlook 2/4

Leverage a dynamic IT infrastructure to launch new products faster

  1. Shift from siloed IT to cross-functional agile teams
  2. Achieve fully automated, continuous software delivery(CI/CD,DevSecOps) at a faster pace
Industry Outlook 3/4

Transform customer experience with increased automation

  1. Achieve a reliable digital environment by automating IT operations
  2. Develop automated and flexible customer joiurneys that the end user can control
Industry Outlook 4/4

Strengthen data security & establish governance

  1. Achieve end-to-end business value realization through a 360º holistic view of the enterprise
  2. Protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  1. 1.Strategy
  2. 2.Modernization
  3. 3.System Integration
  4. 4.Managed
    Services - Maintenance,
    and QA
  5. 5.Data Center Services
Service OFFERINGS 1/5

Discover innovative strategies for your IT landscape to unlock business potential with digital capabilities that scale.

We help you assess your existing IT portfolio, formulate strategies, and streamline your IT modernization initiatives.

  1. Portfolio assessment, rationalization & transformation

    Shifting business priorities, M&As, and footprints of legacy systems lead to the accumulation of too many applications in the IT ecosystem, posing severe challenges for CIOs/IT leaders. Leverage our TM Forum compliant portfolio assessment framework to streamline your existing application portfolio, reduce complexity, and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  2. Data

    The lack of a comprehensive data strategy may hinder democratization, modernization, and the delivery of actionable insights. Devise an insight-driven data strategy with our industry experts to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer delight, and create new revenue streams with service innovation.

  3. Digital

    Most businesses experience disruptions driven by evolving consumer needs, changing regulations, disruptive technology, and fierce competition. Define a robust digital strategy for building future-ready solutions based on our digital maturity assessment and digital transformation model.

  4. End-to-end solution architecture/service design

    With rapidly evolving technology, businesses face challenges in aligning their IT systems to make them adaptable, predictable, and easier to maintain. Enable businesses to achieve end-to-end transformation of their IT/service architecture and design with our expertise in IT strategy & services.

Service OFFERINGS 2/5

Accelerate your IT modernization journey to meet your business’ increasing demands and deliver digital growth.

Leverage our capabilities in cloudification, cloud-native microservices, DevSecOps, and blockchain to be future-ready.

  1. Cloud-native engineering/microservices

    Even truly customer-centric products and services can fail when they are riddled with performance, scalability, and security issues. Simplify customer-centric products/services development using cloud-native engineering services and enhance performance, scalability, and security.

  2. Data, AI, and ML Ops

    Managing project lifecycles and expediting the go-to-market endeavors is challenging if no insights are derived from data. Create new insights, opportunities and value from your data using modern transformational technologies like AI and ML Ops.

  3. Agile DevSecOps

    While traditional DevOps applications offer speed, scale, and functionality, they often lack robust security. Transform traditional DevOps to a best-in-class DevSecOps enabling security across software development and deployment lifecycle.

  4. Cloudification - Migration, Automation, Operations and Cost Optimization

    While new-age businesses have readily embraced cloud for their products and services, legacy businesses are still at various stages of cloudification. Accelerate your cloud transformation journey with our domain expertise and proven modernization frameworks.

  5. Blockchain

    Blockchain is critical for achieving a secure and effective way to manage critical processes such as roaming, settlements, payments, and identity management. Design and deploy blockchain solutions with our experts to be future-ready.

  6. UI/UX Engineering

    Businesses must adapt to the evolving form factors, functionality, and usability, to create a superior customer experience. Leverage our end-to-end UI/UX engineering services along with omnichannel capabilities to streamline projects and deliver best-in-class customer delight.

Service OFFERINGS 3/5

With our vibrant ecosystem of industry-leading technology partners, we drive digitalization and help you find the right applications and frameworks.

We empower your organization with application transformation, Salesforce integration, deriving intelligence from your applications and data migration.

  1. Application engineering

    Envisioning, designing, and building customized applications are critical to address functional gaps and achieve business goals. Our innovation-fueled approach to application engineering helps you transform your business applications.

  2. Greenfield/Brownfield implementation with Salesforce

    Most enterprises lack the expertise to reap the maximum value out of Salesforce platform. Unleash the power of Salesforce using our best practices to implement end-to-end Business Support Systems (BSS), while managing your complex business needs.

  3. AI/ML engineering & management

    AI/ML has taken a paradigm shift, empowering enterprises to deliver value faster. Develop and deploy AI/ML models at a fast pace, while cultivating intelligence from your existing applications through our AI/ML engineering and management services.

  4. Data migration & system consolidation

    Rich data stores of the legacy systems are inaccessible to modern systems. Most businesses end up with high overhead costs. Lower your costs by migrating the data trapped in legacy systems and consolidating them along with business applications through a discrete integration approach.

  5. O/BSS transformation

    Businesses are hampered due to large amounts of technical debts caused by legacy Operations/Business Support Systems (O/BSS). Leverage our business-led transformation framework to embrace a lean, agile, and intelligent infrastructure and capture new revenue-generating opportunities.

  6. Actionable analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

    Enterprises are challenged due to outdated reports that provide no actionable insights. Gain insights into your customer behavior and generate new revenue streams using our new-age analytics and BI services.

Service OFFERINGS 4/5

Achieve new business value by embracing our combined expertise in consultation services and round-the-clock management and support, using our modernized operating model.

We help you manage heterogenous environments, deliver quality, and provide technology upgrades and ITIL compliant support.

  1. IT support

    Businesses are challenged by a dynamic business environment, requiring flexible and agile IT operations. Adapt to evolving technology trends and business demands leveraging our expertise in ITIL compliance, SLA, and OLA based on lean, agile, and DevOps principles.

  2. Kaizen and continuous improvement services

    Improving ITSM requires continuous change, not a single breakthrough change—that’s why ITIL frameworks encourage the Kaizen culture. Harness our expertise and best practices in implementing Kaizen to improve your ITSM and create a culture of continuous improvement in your business.

  3. Technology and product upgrades

    Upgrading products and services give you a competitive edge and offer enormous business and operational benefits. Realize the full potential of an upgrade, leveraging our structured approach to adopting new technologies, features, and functionalities.

  4. E2E quality assurance management

    Quality Assurance (QA) is highly challenging due to data sensitivity, complex infrastructure, and heterogeneous data sources. Strengthen your process maturity across the software development lifecycle through our robust QA, test data management, and data governance practices. Achieve better service assurance, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce costs.

  5. Management of heterogeneous environments

    Complex, heterogeneous IT infrastructure makes it difficult for businesses to manage and improve the systems. Leverage our capabilities such as portfolio rationalization, seamless transition, and continuous improvement to manage your complex IT infrastructure.

Service OFFERINGS 5/5

The demand for computing, storage, and service-level maintenance is rising at a brisk pace with organizations heavily relying on data centers for rapid, efficient, and secure business services.

Enhance your automation and responsiveness in delivering business services by leveraging our efficient and agile data center services.

  1. Storage and Data Management

    Data storage and management have become crucial and challenging with growing data volumes and security/regulatory compliance complexities. Leverage our comprehensive solutions to optimize storage and data environment. Ensure that corporate systems’ data is accurate, secure, available, and accessible.

  2. Desktop and Server Virtualization

    IT organizations that hugely rely on physical servers to host their applications often fail to utilize the total capacity of their servers and incur high IT and operating costs. Separate the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical device and provide web hosting services to utilize the existing IT infrastructure.

  3. Data Center Consolidation

    Post-merger and accusations, most companies struggle to manage their siloed data centers and incur more costs to run and maintain them. Downsize or consolidate physical servers, storage systems, networking, and locations to lower OpEx, improve efficiency, and bolster data security.

  4. Data Migration, Replication, Mirroring

    Data migration and replication is a major concern for businesses as it involves moving business-critical data across platforms, operating systems, and databases. We migrate enterprise application data across different environments and physical locations to improve data accessibility and reliability across a network.

  5. Transformation Services: X2X migration – P2V, V2P and V2V

    Factors such as building a data inventory, data governance practices, disaster recovery, and timing are critical for successfully migrating data during transformation. Leverage our X2X migration capabilities for faster and cost-efficient migration of operating systems, application programs, and data between physical or virtual servers.

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