Driving hypergrowth in the digital era with IT Agility

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Powering business-led transformation of IT to modernize technology operations, improve business value, and enhance customer experience.


Businesses have realized the importance of agile IT systems in driving service differentiation and improving customer satisfaction. Robust IT Infrastructure Services, cutting-edge Application Support & Maintenance, and smart IT Operations are essentials for business success in the digital age.

With a modern IT landscape, elevate performance to address digital demands, fast-track development cycles to launch products faster and deliver outage-free, critical services for delightful customer experiences

30%Faster feature rollouts

25%Reduction in the overall TCO

Prodapt delivers end-to-end modernization of your IT landscape, from strategy formulation to implementation of futuristic technologies. Make your IT systems scalable, business-friendly, and easy to maintain.

IT landscape modernization is a constant battle and Communications Service Providers need strategic partners with proven expertise in transformation and efficient Managed Services to achieve growth in the digital era

Sriram Sathanur Santhanam | Head of IT services

Industry Outlook 1/4

Embrace business composability to swiftly evolve with market needs

  1. Modernize the IT landscape with cloud-first approach to complete against digital disruptors, and reduce TCO
Industry Outlook 2/4

Leverage a dynamic IT infrastructure to launch products faster

  1. Shift from siloed IT to cross-functional agile teams
  2. Achieve fully automated, continuous software delivery (CI/CD, DevSecOps) at a faster pace
Industry Outlook 3/4

Transform customer experience with increased automation

  1. Achieve a reliable digital environment by automating IT operations
  2. Develop automated and flexible customer journeys that the end user can control
Industry Outlook 4/4

Strengthen data security & establish governance

  1. Achieve end-to-end business value realization through a 360º holistic view of the enterprise
  2. Protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies
  1. 1. Generative AI-led End to End Managed Services 
  2. 2. IT Landscape Rationalization and Transformation 
  3. 3. Cloud Operations
  4. 4. Generative AI-led End to End Quality Assurance
  5. 5. Specialized Testing Services
  6. 6. Security & Compliance
Service OFFERINGS 1/6

Elevate quality, velocity of delivery, and diversity of service by deploying Generative AI-led solutions across your IT Operations.

Resolve tickets faster, guard against IT risk by warding off incidents ahead of occurrence, and drive cost efficiency with Prodapt’s Gen AI-led E2E Managed Services

  1. Gen.AI-led IT Ops Transformation

    Uninterrupted service and quick issue resolution are clear imperatives for the digital consumer, but complex IT systems act as a deterrent. Prodapt’s approach integrates Gen AI and AI-ML for ticket management, triaging and fault resolution, code analysis & bug fixing, and product quality improvement. Leverage Gen AI for SOP Generation & knowledge management, RCA, and managed technical support.

  2. Unified Monitoring & Service Dashboards

    IT systems are getting less observable due to rising data complexity and siloed architectures. Get top-notch visibility with integrated service dashboards, proactive monitoring & alarms, and automated issue detection via RPA bots.

  3. Multi OEM & DB Support, Secure Data Access & Crisis Management

    Establish secure networks, set them up for scale, activate multi-vendor OEM support, and facilitate remote network connectivity using Prodapt’s advanced network infrastructure services. Our services help configure and manage databases from multiple vendors, prevent unauthorized data access, and set up backup & restoration capabilities. Additionally, you can utilize data mirroring and replication techniques to ensure service continuity during fallback scenarios.

Service OFFERINGS 2/6

Your IT landscape needs to be agile to the changing business dynamics of the digital world. Increasing data complexity, diversity of applications, and multi-cloud scenarios have rationalization of IT systems.

Accelerate your path towards a modern & rationalized IT landscape with Prodapt’s rationalization and transformation solutions.

  1. Data Center Modernization

    Your enterprise applications need a modern, hybrid cloud environment to address demands for high performance with clear observability. Build a comprehensive IT strategy that includes legacy system phase-out, advanced infrastructure convergence, innovative frameworks, hybrid cloud integration, and data center automation.

  2. Application Rationalization & Transformation

    Your IT Landscape needs to act with agility on the performance of your applications. Build a clear pipeline for application rationalization for cost optimization & data integrity, modernize apps for enhanced performance & security, and improve your platforms for superior user experience and accessibility.

Service OFFERINGS 3/6

Multi-cloud environments with multiple providers and complex migration history have made modern IT systems prone to performance degradation, increased costs, and vulnerable to security risks.

Gain access to latest Cloud Ops solutions & best practices for consistently high performance, scalability on demand & enhanced security

  1. Cloud Computing

    Get multi-cloud support and management for seamless interoperability across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Achieve DevOps integration for scalable deployments & strategic capacity management for optimal cloud resource utilization and enhanced performance. Execute migration to hybrid clouds seamlessly and monitor them closely for performance.

Service OFFERINGS 4/6

Quality Assurance teams are in constant need of resources for tasks including test case generation, bug detection & fixing.

Leverage the power of Generative AI across Quality Assurance to free up your experts for advanced testing & problem solving.

  1. IT & Network Testing for end-to-end QA

    Service Providers require holistic testing services across their network and IT systems. Leverage our entire range of services including comprehensive testing, multi-vendor CPE interoperability, OSS/BSS, mobile compatibility, business service validation, network lab services, and API testing for network-connected systems and applications.

  2. Non-Functional Testing and Automation

    Make the most of Prodapt’s capabilities in non-functional testing encompassing privacy testing, accessibility testing for conformance of web portals, and mobile applications with WCAG, A11Y, and ARIA guidelines & performance benchmarking.

  3. Building Automation Frameworks

    Standardize your test automation assets and lay down a well-defined strategy to build automation frameworks to test at scale. Take advantage of Prodapt’s deep expertise in authoring test automation frameworks including progression and regression automation.

Service OFFERINGS 5/6

Traditional testing methods do not met modern-day requirements in accuracy, test coverage expansion, and scalability.

Expand your testing in niche areas including AR/VR testing with advanced, AI-powered methods to detect bugs faster for improved user experience across devices & form factors

  1. Advanced Testing

    The emergence of newer digital technologies and media consumption formats have called for advanced testing. We provide comprehensive AR/VR tests for MX, UX, CX, EX (MUCE), along with computer vision visuals, interoperability, device compatibility, spatial, and geo-mapping tests.

  2. AI-powered Quality Assurance

    The sheer scale of digital adoption calls for widespread automation in testing to roll out high-performing apps. Take advantage of Prodapt’s wide-ranging solutions including intelligent risk-based testing, intelligent Asset retrieval, and Generative AI-based test case design, data generation, and automated scripting.

  3. UX Improvements

    Elevated user experiences play a key role in building great customer experiences. Prodapt QA solutions ensure seamless video streaming on diverse devices, focused B2B/B2C Product QA with requirement definition, prioritization, tool selection, risk assessments, and IoT Device testing for functional validation.

Service OFFERINGS 6/6

Security & Compliance risks have grown multi-fold with the emergence of modern threat scenarios and complex data regulation laws across geographies.

Fortify your enterprise with advanced, round-the-clock security and the latest compliance implementation programs

  1. Industry Standard Compliance

    Emergence of newer regulations across markets has made compliance a serious challenge. Put your compliance journey on the fast track with well-rounded implementation of optimal practices in GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 Audits to uphold regulatory conformance.

  2. Enhancement of Digital Asset Security

    Keep a close track of your network traffic and secure your digital assets with advanced Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS). Find out about network intrusion as it occurs and act against threats in real-time to protect your valuable assets.

  3. Proactive Monitoring via SIEM

    The need for security information across your network grows with increasing network complexity. Go beyond screening hostile traffic to build a complete picture of network security, monitor proactively and act on intrusions without delay with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM).

  4. Streamlined SOX Audit Processes

    SOX Audit processes are key in determining how well your enterprise is performing internal controls. Streamline your SOX audit processes for greater visibility and enhanced assurance in compliance & reporting practices.

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