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Accelerating fibre rollouts by pre-empting order delays

Leverage AI/ML to forecast delays and reduce customer churn

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service delivery includes deploying high-speed fibre optic connections directly to the customer premises, which involves several complexities and unexpected delays in order fulfillment. These delays can lead to missed SLAs, high customer churn, and compensation liabilities for Communications service providers.

According to Forrester, “70% of customers are likely to churn if orders are delayed, and proactive information about orders are missed”. Hence, an intelligent FTTP service delivery becomes imperative for service providers in the Connectedness industry.

Leveraging an AI/ML-powered FTTP service delivery framework can help service providers predict and address order delays before they impact the business. With the predictions from the ML model, the operations team can gain a view of the expected delays, root causes, and ways to overcome them. This helps reduce operational overload and customer churn.


Fig: Leveraging an AI-powered FTTP service delivery framework for on-time provisioning and improved customer experience

“70% of customers are likely to churn if orders get delayed, and proactive information about orders is missed”. – Forrester

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