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How connected platforms and streaming firms can consistently deliver great CX across complex content delivery networks and ensure the highest levels of quality of experience (QoE)

As the streaming wars intensify, delivering an exceptional customer experience becomes a key differentiator in gaining and retaining subscribers. It’s not just about the content anymore, viewers want a high-quality, engaging, and enriching experience that caters to their needs and desires.

Delivering a brilliant customer experience (CX) and helping digital companies navigate the complex content consumption and delivery ecosystem is critical. Digital companies must contend with multiple variables and validate engineering and customer views of QoE KPIs to ensure optimal experiences.

Major challenges in assuring delightful customer experiences include:

  • Siloed data platforms – A central data hare that collects and correlates data for predictive insights from multiple sources is critical.
  • Lack of continuous monitoring – Implementing a continuous monitoring mechanism for all the critical CX impacting backend video services (100s of microservices) can be difficult
  • Issues with performance tracking – Measuring and monitoring audio/video performance KPIs (such as MOS, re-buffering, slow start-up time, etc.) can be complex

Customer Experience Assurance (CXA) framework continuously enhances engineering and customers’ view of QoE – positioning the company for continued leadership.

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