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Shifting to an enhanced order management system for FTTP-based IPTV

Order management is important to the success of any business but is especially critical for Internet Protocol television (IPTV) providers. IPTV is a service that provides television programs and other video content using the Internet Protocol (IP) such as Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) suite, as opposed to broadcast TV, cable TV, or satellite signals.

The deployment of FTTP-based IPTV service entails a significant initial investment for service providers. This investment is not only for the underlying network infrastructure but also for the customer order management process, including customer profiling, field worker density, and query resolution needed to provide a sophisticated IPTV experience. But FTTP-IPTV order management is operationally complex, often entailing dozens of sub-processes that involve multiple systems, departments, and partner organizations, which not only affects delivery and drive-up costs, but also negatively impacts customer satisfaction. Despite the challenges of order management, service providers must get it right to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive FTTP-IPTV market.

Service providers must carefully plan and qualify their requirements for an order management system to maximize the return on investment while providing a good quality experience to the subscribers. This Insight provides a master checklist template to aid service providers in effectively streamlining the qualification process for an order management system. Using the checklist, service providers can decrease costs, achieve faster roll-out, and increase customer satisfaction with FTTP-IPTV.

Service providers must deploy an effective order management system to maximize the ROI while providing a good quality of experience to the customers.

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