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AI at core for agile IT & Networks, optimized operations and elevated customer experiences


The Connectedness industry is under pressure to advance their digital edge, scale operations faster & find new ways to grow revenue.

Our AI at core services, including Gen AI deployments, offer the fastest path to adapt and thrive in this new paradigm by stepping up efficiency and improving experiences through advanced problem-solving.

$100 BIncremental value to be realized by global telecoms industry from Gen
AI - McKinsey

60%Respondents in a Telecom industry survey by Nvidia said optimizing operations was their core AI objective

"Generative AI holds the key to the next phase of growth for the Connectedness industry. To unlock its full potential, they must partner with service providers who know the terrain intimately and can execute
cross-functional transformation at scale."

Rajesh Rathod | Chief Mentor, Prodapt

  1. 1. Improved Experiences & Monetization
  2. 2. Intelligent Network Planning & Management
  3. 3. IT Transformation & Operations
  4. 4. Data Intelligence on Cloud
Service OFFERINGS 1/4

Your customers deserve seamless experiences, from ordering to billing to service assurance.

Use AI & Gen AI-driven services for predictive order fallout prevention, activation, fulfillment, and service assurance. Spot customer frustration at contact centers & social media to
auto-initiate tickets and improve satisfaction.

  1. Customer churn prediction

    Leverage the power of Quantum Machine Learning (QML) to analyze large datasets and develop faster predictive models that triangulate on customer likely to unsubscribe soon and initiate remediation to improve customer experience.

  2. Network capacity planning

    Be it Superbowl or Football World Cup, take advantage of AI’s analytical and predictive powers to learn about bandwidth demand spikes in advance. Provision your network in an agile fashion and keep customers engaged in their digital experiences.

  3. Order management transformation

    Infuse AI’s ability to predict issues and initiate remediation at every step of the order journey to maximize order capture and flowthrough rates. Leverage our Gen AI solutions to auto-initiate tickets and improve Mean Time to Identity & Mean Time to Resolve performance.

  4. Personalized Offer recommendations

    Create and execute AI-personalized offer recommendations to drive up success of your digital campaigns, execute intelligent offer rationalizations and monetize better.

  5. Gen AI-driven customer service & support

    Customer centricity is the hallmark of modern digital businesses. Initiate quick remediation with Gen AI-driven customer support to remain agile to evolving customer needs. Making Billing operations streamlined and intuitive to address customer queries ahead of escalations.

  6. Gen AI-driven Contact center transformation

    Tap contact center insights to understand customer pain points and build a closed loop of constant improvement. Leverage Gen AI to summarize and analyze voice conversations to detect sentiment and address issues proactively. Deliver contextual knowledge,
    real-time recommendations to agents during customer conversations and accelerate resolution.

  7. Gen AI-driven Billing Inquiry Transformation

    Customers with questions about their bill get riled up when un-intuitive chat interfaces send them in circles. Simplify and fast-track billing-related conversations through Generative AI-driven prompts and responses to resolve Billing Inquiries in just 4 steps.

  8. Sentiment analyzer for Social Media Management

    Social media is the first port of call for the digital consumer to praise or put down your brand. Spot customer frustration proactively with our Gen AI-driven sentiment analyzer and initiate remediation before it hurts your brand.

Service OFFERINGS 2/4

Plan & design your Telecom network accurately with the ability to augment and expand the network at scale.

Utilize predictive management with
AI-driven analytics to alert on incidents and initiate self-healing in Network Assurance. Design dashboards with auto-ticketing for proactive actions & reduced resolution time. Advance towards TMF-defined Autonomous Operations with Prodapt's Self-driving Index.

  1. Network planning, design, and capacity forecasting

    Communications Service Providers incur high costs from human-intensive network planning, design and operational forecasting. Switch to an AI-led approach to intelligently plan and expand your network, analyze traffic trends and forecast capacity to spot demand spike in advance and enhance customer experience.

    • Ask BI – Leverage Prodapt’s Gen AI-driven solution specializing in Business Intelligence for efficient forecasting
  2. Network Fault prediction

    The surging 5G adoption and Network virtualization is overwhelming incident management capacity at CSP Network Operations Centers. Unlock the predictive powers of AI models trained on telco-specific data to intelligently prioritize tickets and accelerate resolution – reducing downtime by over a third!

  3. Non-productive Dispatch reduction with DaaS on Cloud

    Trucks rolls to address faults that remote troubleshooting can resolve are a huge drag on field resources. Leverage AI tools from Google and other cloud providers to set up and scale a Diagnostics as a Service engine to predict and eliminate Non-productive dispatches, and drive Opex reduction.

  4. Gen AI-enabled Network Inventory Look Up

    Growing network complexity has dimmed network inventory visibility. Build and deploy contextual Gen AI models with prior training of your network asset environments to enable responses to queries seeking information on status and health parameters of inventory across your OSS architecture.

Service OFFERINGS 3/4

Your IT systems determine the agility of your business.

Enable responsive, efficient and
cost-effective IT Operations with AI-led triaging, ticket management, fault resolution, SOP generation, knowledge management, and more.

  1. AI Ops across applications

    Leverage Prodapt’s big data analytics, machine learning, and AI capabilities to automate the identification and resolution of common issues in IT/Network applications, routine processes, achieve preventive maintenance across your technology stack.

  2. Pre-configured AI toolkit for IT Ops

    Prodapt’s pre-configured AI toolkit for IT Ops utilizes AI/ML to forecast interruptions and automate IT operations. By collecting data from multiple sources and processing it with advanced algorithms, the toolkit empowers ITOps engineers to resolve issues faster, ensuring seamless performance for SREs and DevOps teams.

  3. Order delay prediction for Fiber Operators

    Large enterprises often face challenges such as missed SLAs, high customer churn, and compensation liabilities due to order delays and lack of proactive information. Prodapt’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service delivery leverages
    ML-based predictions, root cause analysis, and overload reduction to predict order delays in advance and deploy high-speed fibre optic connections faster to customer premises.

  4. Gen-AI driven Modernization of legacy IT systems

    Outdated legacy IT systems drag down efficiency and innovation. Leverage Gen AI to analyze, strategize, and facilitate a seamless transition to modern, efficient systems to transform legacy systems into agile, future-ready assets and ensure sustained business growth.

  5. Gen AI-driven Enterprise K-base

    IT systems often involve complex decision-making that requires easy and extensive access to knowledge repositories. Leverage Prodapt’s Gen AI services to curate and organize data and set up an Enterprise search mechanism to create knowledge bases on Best Practices, Insights, streamlining design processes.

  6. Gen AI-led Software Development/Testing Lifecycle acceleration

    For IT teams, software development and testing have been highly Human Resource-intensive.  Generative AI offers huge gains across Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) and testing with proven ability to accelerate velocity of output while reducing costs.

    • Code generation:  Gen AI-assisted code generation with developer supervision/review for high-quality, reusable code
    • Code refactoring:  Improving
      clarity & maintainability of your code without affecting external behaviour 
    • Code documentation: Laying down clearly what a block of code is expected to do & user guidelines on how to use it.
    • Code testing: Automated test
      case & script generation to accelerate test coverage.
    • IT Operations: Ticket triaging, SOP generation, Root cause & code analysis across application support and infrastructure services
    • AskDesign: Gen AI-based SDLC accelerator for Order to Cash design processes
Service OFFERINGS 4/4

Get actionable insights from
well-governed, cloud-engineered data intelligence.

Multi-PetaByte modernization & speed migration to leading hyperscalers including Google Cloud, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, with Gen AI-driven DataStreak.AI to work alongside your engineering teams on data pipeline streamlining and SDLC acceleration.

  1. Customer Insight from cloud-engineered AI models

    Obtaining customer insights can be challenging without efficient data processing tools. Leverage Amazon Sagemaker to create cloud-engineered AI models and get deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling targeted marketing and personalized customer experiences.

  2. Build simple AI models

    Use Snowflake's AI-powered analytics to gain valuable insights without the need for AI experts and leverage its user-friendly interface to build simple AI models suitable for all users.

  3. Geospatial analytics & subscriber insights

    Traditional analytics often overlook the spatial aspect of data, limiting insights. Integrate geospatial analytics with subscriber database and drive AI model-led analytics to garner customer insights and drive contextual engagement.

  4. Gen AI-powered data insights

    Leverage Prodapt's Gen AI-driven solution AskBI to set business and functional context, draft rules & logic, and query a cloud-hosted database for actionable insights across customer and business operations, billing, network management and more.


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