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Unlock the power of AI to net visual bugs

Accelerate visual testing using AI and achieve better accuracy at lower operational costs

According to Browser stack, 67% of businesses conduct visual testing manually to detect and fix visual bugs.

However, manual testing to detect visual bugs has posed several challenges that affect productivity, such as:

  • Testing multiple aspects – Every single component in a UI requires thorough testing
  • Frequent UI changes lead to a redundant and prolonged testing process
  • Inconsistency in UI across platforms – Different UIs across different digital channels, such as browsers (both mobile and web versions), mobile apps, and operating systems (Android & IOS), make it difficult to conduct thorough testing

To overcome the aforementioned challenges, service providers must use AI to automate the process of visual testing to detect bugs quickly and efficiently, improve accuracy and reduce operational costs.


Fig: AI-driven test automation for visual testing

Implementing AI-driven test automation can accelerate testing with better accuracy, enhanced test coverage, and lower operational costs.

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