Hyper-personalization creates ‘magical experiences’ and builds customer trust

Modernization of the CRM with a ‘Customer-first’ approach enabled a leading communications company to combat digital native competitors


Customer hyper-personalization has become critical for business success. However, delivering such experiences at scale becomes difficult with a limited understanding of customer needs and preferences.

A business can tailor customer experiences if they have a thorough understanding of their products and a 360° view of their customers. They should equip themselves to combine data and technology to offer hyper-personalized products and services.

Dissatisfied customers indicate that a business has a limited view of customer engagement. So, how can a business gain customer confidence and increase brand value?


67% acceleration in the time-to-market

28% increase in the average revenue per customer

25% reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

20  points rise in NPS

Client Situation

Our client, a leading LATAM communications provider, operates across 20+ countries with 8 brands. All these brands had legacy systems that were decentralized, leading to operational silos. It hampered their ability to deliver personalized products, and consistent experiences, reducing their care team’s ability to serve customers faster. In addition, the overall cost of operations was increasing.

As a result, the service provider was challenged with hyper-personalized customer care, and they desperately needed to address these issues.

Turning customers into brand champions was a significant achievement that Prodapt's client was able to achieve, as a result of the connected experience solution.


Due to multiple acquisitions, the client’s customer care platform grew complex and had duplicate as well as limited business capabilities. It didn't integrate well with other enterprise applications, limiting its usage and scalability. The customer care teams were having a nightmare using various tools to address customer queries.

These challenges impacted the overall productivity and efficiency of the customer care teams. Furthermore, there was no scope to deliver personalization due to a lack of insights into customer engagement.

Prodapt demonstrated a clear need to adopt a game-changing operation for the service provider. The client needed a unified digital platform to transform customer care.

Solving It

Prodapt modernized the customer care journey from merely transactional to relationship-based care, powered by Salesforce Communications Cloud. This solution included powerful offerings of Salesforce such as Salesforce Industries (Vlocity), Customer 360, Salesforce Einstein, and VisualForce that digitalized the complete lifecycle of the customer journey from lead to loyalty.

Our solution focused on modernizing the customer onboarding process, providing a unified view for care teams to accelerate the fulfillment of orders, and offering hyper-personalized products and services. We also automated the trouble resolution to address customer problems faster.

Modernization of the CRM helped our client increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 20 points, and accelerated the time-to-market by 67%. The average revenue per existing customer increased by 28%, and the total cost of ownership (TCO) was reduced by 25%.

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