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Unleashing high-speed Fiber connectivity

Accelerate Fiber connectivity and reliability with enhanced network orchestration and assurance solutions

The demand for faster and reliable connectivity in the digital era has led to the rise of Fiber optics, transforming our digital experiences. Gartner‘s recent report highlights a growing preference for gigabit Fiber to The Home (FTTH) services among consumers, emphasizing the importance of modern connectivity. By 2025, approximately 60% of Tier-1 service providers are expected to adopt the 10 Gigabit Symmetrical-PON (XGS-PON) technology. Despite this growth, Fiber broadband encounters obstacles like slow setup, connectivity issues, and network fragmentation from diverse technologies. McKinsey notes that 40% of potential users’ decisions and churn rates are influenced by Fiber network experiences.

To address the challenges, service providers need to transition towards automation and data-driven decision-making in network management. This shift facilitates efficient deployment, operation, and maintenance of networks, while also providing valuable performance insights. Achieving this requires the adoption of right technology enablers, allowing for zero-touch provisioning, nearly zero-touch operations, and comprehensive network insights to expedite service setup.


Fig : Essential enablers for network transformation success

The fiber network’s lifecycle involves various phases, from planning and design to orchestration and assurance. This insight examines essential enablers for effective orchestration, assurance, and visualization. Through these enablers, service providers can expedite service setup up to 60%, advancing their path towards “Fiber for the Future.”

To succeed, service providers must prioritize zero-touch provisioning, near-zero touch operations, and comprehensive network insights for a faster service setup

  • Dibyendu Dey, Principal Architect
  • Rohit Karthikeyan, Manager – Strategic Insights