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Providing an ‘Amazon-like’ experience for customers across different channels and countries without batting an eye

The largest communications provider in LATAM sparked powerful and memorable emotions in their customers by delivering personalized, uniform customer experience

"In today’s customer-first world, providing a consistent and personalized experience across all the channels is a table-stake for businesses. With customers getting used to 30-minute deliveries, ordering books and appliances in one click from their mobile devices, and the ability to watch and browse movie trailer-made for them. Their expectation from any business on customer experience has made a giant leap from what it was a decade back.

Every business must take a holistic approach towards digitalization, ensuring ‘total experience’ for both customers and employees.

But what changes should a service provider undergo in the path to delivering a holistic digital experience faster?"


61% faster delivery of services

30% increase in sales conversion rate

71% reduction in costs

50% increase in agent efficiency

Client Situation

Our client, a LATAM telco giant, operates in over 20 countries with 8 brands. All these brands had their customer touchpoints, were largely decentralized, and offered channel-centric services. This siloed approach to customer experience hampered the launch of new products, created complexities in providing a consistent experience across different channels, and reduced their velocity to serve customers.

Prodapt’s innovative approach helped the client deliver a personalized digital customer experience which kept them more engaged, satisfied, and loyal.


"Cloud-native and microservices-based order management Prodapt was able to combine its digital transformation capabilities and experience for clients in similar situations worldwide.

The entire order management system was moved to an open-source, cloud-native, and microservices-based architecture so that it could be scaled easily. It was then reconstructed from the ground up, including key applications like order capture, order execution, product catalog, asset management, user documentation, notifications, and more.

The order management stack included 120+ points that could integrate with the API for exchanging data. It also had 60+ components which were loosely coupled to ensure that changes done in one component didn’t impact the other."

Solving It

"We assessed their maturity level using a Digital Maturity model based on TM Forum standards. It is a practical approach to transformation that adapts to every step in the customer journey.

Since they had acquired multiple companies, they had technical debts, duplicated business capabilities, and no unified service management. To their customers, they were one brand, whereas they were internally operating as multiple entities.

We realized that delivering digital services would get more complex over time with the current state, leading to delays in product innovation and unpleasant customer experience.

To overcome the issues mentioned above, we built a flexible, consistent, and lean platform – Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This emerging enterprise technology helps businesses achieve better employee and customer experiences. This solution enabled them to become a ‘Digital-first’ organization, boosting their brand image in the market.

Keeping in mind the ambition to have a central solution, we built the platform with innovative technologies like – Global Design System, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, Mono-repository, and a headless architecture.

We established a Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) to implement, maintain and improve the delivery of services. It helped the client redefine their relationship with customers by delivering pleasurable experiences faster."

Prodapt's holistic approach towards digitalization ensured "Total Experience" for the end customers of the clients with the acceleration in service delivery.

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