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Digitalization of payments becomes the zenith of customer experience

AI/ML-based approach improved the digital adoption rate in payments for a leading service provider in North America


Digital transformation, driving most organizational changes, has become prevalent in today's economy. Digital payment technologies such as online banking, mobile money, and credit/debit cards are rapidly improving, creating new opportunities for service providers. However, their customers’ digital adoption rate remains unsatisfactory, and legacy payment continues to dominate.

One in every two non-users has never tried digital payments because they need help understanding the value proposition; they don't believe a change is worthwhile.

How can a service provider align its strategies to change customers’ behavior to increase the adoption rate of digital payments and stay competitive in the evolving payment ecosystem?


11% transition of customers to digital channels in 1 month improvement in network stability

15%reduction of payment-related inbound calls 

Client Situation

A leading service provider in North America wanted to deliver a great payment experience to its customers using digital technologies. However, a large portion of their customer base still relied on traditional channels for payments, trouble tickets, service requests, and billing inquiries.

The client initiated a series of measures and campaigns to boost digital adoption and payments. But their approach did not produce the desired results, impacting revenue collection.

Hence, the client started looking for a smarter approach to increase the digital adoption rate.

Prodapt increased digital adoption among the client’s customers using an
AI/ML-powered payment solution.


The client’s complex and outdated processes involved in payments, billing, service requests, and trouble tickets hindered the end customers from adopting digital channels. In addition, due to the absence of an efficient method, they manually identified customers making payments the traditional way. This process was monotonous and time-consuming. They also needed more visibility into customers using traditional channels to launch more targeted campaigns to drive digital adoption.

The client was also looking for technical prowess to interpret the customers’ behavioral datasets and derive actionable solutions. Prodapt, partnered with the client to drive growth opportunities by increasing digital adoption among customers.

Solving It

Prodapt took an AI/ML-based approach to address these challenges and catalyze digital adoption.

We set clear boundaries between the customers who adopted digital channels and those who did not. We leveraged an ML model to analyze the behavioral patterns of non-digital customers. The dynamic grouping of customers based on payment patterns using an ML model facilitated the accurate identification of target customers.

We used a data science framework to create pipelines and evaluate customer responses, facilitating the launch of more targeted campaigns. We implemented a digital experience dashboard that provided end-to-end visibility into all the non-digital customers and the progress of their transition to digital channels. We also facilitated one-click payments using text messages. This enabled the business teams to make better plans to boost digital adoption.

After implementing our solutions, the client transitioned 11% of customers from traditional to digital payment channels in less than 1 month. They could also reduce inbound payment-related calls to the contact center by 15%. There was also a significant improvement in the overall customer experience.

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