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Deliver high-quality entertainment services at high speed and with flawless quality

Automate the end-to-end compatibility testing and rollout steps to deliver a seamless viewing experience across multiple digital platforms and form factors

A series of technological advancements has completely changed the way people consume video content. Compared to earlier days, when a television set was the primary source to consume videos, today’s consumers have many other options – smart TV, streaming box/stick, gaming consoles, DVR, set-top box, tablet, computer, mobile, etc. A recent ComScore OTT state report clearly shows the growing penetration of different digital devices among U.S households.

To deliver a seamless viewing experience, service providers need to ensure video compatibility across a broad range of device types, operating systems, browsers, and network types.

The end-users now have the flexibility to watch their preferred videos on any digital platform of their choice without being much concerned about the supporting operating systems, browsers, and network connectivity.

But if we look from the lens of service providers, delivering video service faster and with high quality has become much more complicated. It requires them to ensure feature compatibility with a broad range of device types with different operating systems, browsers, and network connectivity. This requires a humongous amount of testing in the background. And as digital-savvy users expect feature updates at lightning speed, service providers cannot afford to spend much time testing and rolling out services.

This mandates service providers to technically upgrade their way of working, the testing process, and existing release platforms.

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