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MIN(utes) in service delivery is the MAX in customer value

‘Zero-touch’ reduced the lead time to deliver network services from 45 days to a few minutes


Connectivity continues to transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate across the globe. Connectivity is increasingly becoming a vital part of our day-to-day lives with a rapidly growing influence on individual consumers and enterprises alike.

The demand for network speed, reliability, and secure point-to-point fibre connectivity is increasing among enterprise businesses. To cater to growing needs, most service providers are pressured to introduce sophisticated and dependable connectivity services. In this scenario, optical fibre is a reliable transmission medium for modern backbone network infrastructures.

However, rolling out enterprise-grade optical connectivity faster, with greater control, higher flexibility, and optimal performance, is full of challenges. It involves maneuvring multiple technologies, a multivendor ecosystem, complex integration, and legacy network components.

So, how do service providers leverage technology to enable quicker connectivity and realize revenue faster?


Service provisioning cycle time reduced from 45 days to a few mins

50% improvement in operational efficiency

Service delivery guaranteed within 20 days

Client Situation

Our client, a leading communications provider in the US market was facing a similar challenge. Provisioning optical wave services (fibre connectivity services) for wholesale and enterprise customers was highly challenging and time–consuming. It required complex integration and configuration across a multi-domain, multivendor network with various carrier agreements. It was a prolonged process that took about 45 days.

Legacy networks and lack of innovation were impacting the customer experience.

By leveraging Prodapt’s network transformation capabilities, the client could accelerate order fulfillment of network services.


The client was facing challenges with traditional architecture for provisioning, which lacked a unified view of availability across network nodes, capacity, port, bandwidth, etc. The network functioned in silos across the multivendor ecosystem. In addition, manual interventions in order fulfillment obstructed their ability to provide new connectivity services faster. Manual ‘stitching’ of connectivity with technology domains and heterogeneous networks caused further complications and delays network service provisioning.

Solving It

Implementing a Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) solution enabled zero-touch provisioning across legacy and virtual network elements. It helped the client achieve dynamic and real-time provisioning of network services.

Our custom-built resource adapters enabled seamless integration of disparate multi-vendor network domains and simplified operations. It automated the configuration of network devices using industry–standard data modeling platforms.

Our solution accelerated service provisioning cycle time from 45 days to a few mins. The client could improve the efficiency of their operations by 50%. The client was able to guarantee the delivery of services to enterprises in 20-days.

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