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Faster order execution boosts order-to-cash cycle and customer loyalty

How technology helped predict and prevent expensive, unnecessary field visits. And address genuine customer issues faster.


Order fulfillment process is a critical piece when it comes to revenue realization and boosting customer loyalty. When legacy systems, process inefficiencies creep into customer service, businesses face challenges in rolling out services on time.

Delayed order fulfillment can hamper the brand image, customer loyalty, and lead to customer churn. How can a business survive with slow and ineffective delivery of services?


66% improvement in the service delivery time

Greater realization of value through faster delivery of services

Client Situation

Our client, a leading telecom giant in North America was facing challenges in improving their order fulfillment, also known as Order-to-Activate (O2A). They had always strived to deliver their services rapidly, aiming to improve the overall customer experience.

There was growing complexity in the client’s ecosystem – the number of roles, departments, systems, and channels involved in the O2A process. These complexities led to prolonged delays to deliver the services. The situation was getting worse as the client was trying to offer new third-party products and services to meet their growing customer expectations.

In a desperate attempt to improve the situation, the client outsourced the entire process to a third party. But the solution wasn’t delivering them sustainable business benefits. They reached out to external consultants to analyze and recommend improvement ideas. But due to a lack of participation from all the stakeholders, these ideas remained out of the window and never got executed.

That is where Prodapt came in and delivered end-to-end improvements across the order fulfillment process.

Prodapt understands the significance of faster delivery of services in today’s age of speed and equipped the client with everything to deliver value with speed.


Prodapt’s consulting services enabled a 360° assessment in analyzing the issues in their order fulfillment.

 Their process lacked end-to-end order visibility with multiple handoffs between the teams, leading to delays in delivering the services, slower revenue realization, and high overhead costs. There were 15 different roles and 55 different systems involved in processing a single order. This led to an inefficient O2A process.

Solving It

As a part of our managed transformation approach, we used process mining technology to go deeper into the existing process. We identified process inefficiencies and derived actionable insights for process optimization. We provided the client with a team of experts who reorganized the work environment into agile teams, with end-to-end ownership to accelerate customer orders.

We also identified process improvement opportunities and implemented Hyperautomation that combined Artificial Intelligence (AI), with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It automated manual and repetitive tasks, eliminated human interventions and improved process efficiency.

Lastly, it is important to view the customer info, order status, service location and more in a single view. Hence, we delivered them an Order Visibility Dashboard (OVD) and enabled the client to get a holistic real-time view of the customer order fulfilment milestones.

Successful implementation of this project greatly improved the delivery time of services by 66%, enhanced customer experience and helped our client win new customers. The client could realize the value as the services were delivered to them faster. They doubled their customer happiness with faster delivery of services and better productivity.

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