Rolling out fibre networks at speed delights customers across the UK

The transformation of fibre network delivery using Salesforce CRM combined with domain-depth accelerated time-to-market by 40%

Customers today expect uninterrupted internet access anytime, anywhere without a drop in quality. Reliable and high-speed broadband connection has become necessary because of the growing demand for video streaming, online applications, and remote work culture.

Service providers are racing to meet customer demands by rolling out fibre network faster. However, legacy applications, siloed systems, and a lack of real-time customer intelligence lead to longer cycle times and missed due dates.

How do fibre operators transform their systems to accelerate fibre network rollout and enhance customer experience?


48% faster delivery of fibre networks

29% reduction in OpEx

~240Kcalls reduced in the first year

Client Situation

Our client, a leading fibre operator in the UK, connecting millions of homes and businesses, was in a similar situation.

They were facing challenges in rolling out fibre connectivity services which hindered their ability to become a market leader. Disjointed systems were a major hurdle in providing customer-centric services. Besides, a lack of visibility into customer data and missed delivery dates led to customer dissatisfaction and high operating costs.

The client was looking for a partner who could help transform their systems with a digital-first approach, accelerate fibre rollouts and help them gain an edge over competitors.

Prodapt's Salesforce integration capabilities, along with fibre accelerators, positioned our client as the leader in the UK market.


"Our client’s fibre delivery journey was complex, with multiple teams and systems involved in managing operations. Multiple shadow IT systems involved plenty of manual interventions and could not keep up with the changing customer needs.

They were manually prioritizing the service delivery dates and allocating the action items among teams, causing delays in rolling out fibre services.

In addition, their customer service team was dealing with process and system inefficiencies. Their customers raised queries across various channels, making the care agents toggle between disparate applications. The care agents had to work on multiple systems to address each query, resulting in prolonged TAT and huge backlogs."

Solving It

"We leveraged our expertise in the connectedness industry and greenfield BSS stack implementation for leading fibre operators worldwide to help the client transform their fibre network service delivery. We incorporated our fibre rollout accelerators such as Agent 360 and OneFibre, built on Salesforce Communications Cloud to transform the CRM systems and deliver digital-first journeys.

We leveraged Sales Cloud to integrate their disparate systems and enabled an end-to-end customer journey. This approach brought in significant automation in the fibre sales process, increasing operational efficiency.

We leveraged the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to engage with the customers at every touchpoint of sales and service journeys. Our marketing automation enabled personalized customer journeys across email, mobile, website, and other channels.

Our accelerator, Agent 360, built on Service Cloud’s omnichannel capabilities, helped us automate the prioritization of services and allocate action items to the right teams without manual intervention. We empowered the customer service teams with AI-powered tools to get a unified view of customer interactions and provide end-to-end digital experiences."

The client could achieve a 48% increase in the speed of delivering fibre networks by unifying the CRM systems. We helped them lower 29% of operating costs by modernizing their legacy systems using Salesforce capabilities. They also witnessed a reduction of ~240K+ customer calls/complaints in the first year with the modernization of customer service.


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