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Speed up delivery of secure products

Leverage DevSecOps for proactive prevention of vulnerabilities

As service providers in the Connectedness industry strive to shorten product release cycles, they often deprioritize security. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, “More than 60% of enterprises experience breaches and increase in cyberattacks. Damages due to cybercrimes cost $6 trillion globally, and it is expected to compound annually by 15 percent for the next five years.

Traditionally, service providers implement security features late in the application lifecycle. In addition, the detection and fixing of security issues in the production phase lead to further delays in application releases and high OpEx. The traditional security approach also lacks mechanisms to address the increasing data breaches and rising vulnerabilities in open-source software.

To overcome these challenges and reduce vulnerabilities, service providers must look for ways to enable and prioritize continuous security at every stage of the software development lifecycle. Implementing DevSecOps enables automation, security, and continuous monitoring throughout the software lifecycle. This facilitates continuous integration, faster delivery of secure products, and reduction of compliance costs.


Fig: The four-step approach to implement DevSecOps and accelerate secure product releases

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, “The Cybercrime damages cost $6 trillion globally, and the cost is expected to increase by 15 percent per year over the next five years”.

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