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Simplify IT service management with consolidation

Leverage a unified ticketing system to enhance the ITSM consolidation program

Every service provider’s application landscape consists of multiple systems performing diverse functions. Managing standalone systems which are not interconnected involves enormous effort and cost. Also, service providers today are increasing acquisitions every year. In this post-merger environment, end-users struggle with distributed IT Service Management (ITSM) environment and unfamiliar technologies, which leads to a spike in demand for support. Some of the critical challenges faced in distributed ITSM environment are

  • Multiple processes for the same service management function
  • Complex third-party integrations
  • Lack of unified, integrated dashboard view from different systems

To overcome these challenges, process consolidation has become imperative. Businesses looking at ways to cut costs and enhance competitiveness are embracing various strategies to consolidate ITSM systems. This insight details the unified ticketing system and critical considerations for businesses to advance their ITSM consolidation program.

Fig. Key considerations to advance the ITSM consolidation strategy

With the growing trend of mergers and acquisitions across the Connectedness industry, the need for ITSM systems and process consolidation has become imperative.

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