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Give your apps a new shine with microservices

A simplified approach to breaking up your monolithic applications into microservices

There is an increased tendency among service providers in the Connectedness industry to move their enterprise-scale applications to the cloud. With most of the service providers’ business systems still not cloud-ready, executives have begun to mandate initiatives to modernize their legacy applications for the cloud. These legacy applications are usually large monolithic applications with years or decades of accumulated technical debt, making them difficult to change, expensive to scale, and weighing down on an organization’s innovation capability. As monolithic applications become too large to deal with, many service providers are breaking them down into the microservices architectural style.

Digital pure-play companies such as Meta, Alphabet, Apple, etc., have embraced microservices architecture for their website, applications, and digital experience. Microservices architecture is one of the key factors that has enabled them to achieve phenomenal growth. Thus, embarking on the microservices transition journey will help service providers achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability. It will also help them derive granular insights and leverage them to deliver superior customer experience and enable new business streams. To accelerate the transition towards microservices, service providers need to revamp their massive, bulky, siloed, and complex environments to support the microservices strategy.

This insight highlights the five-stage strategy, which includes guided qualification checklists to assist service providers in embarking on an effective microservices transformation.

Embarking on the microservices transition journey will not only help service providers to achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability but also help them to derive granular customer insights.

Five stages with a proposed qualification checklist and key recommendations to navigate through the migration journey

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