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Providing enterprise network services at speed – The new competitive advantage

The largest communications provider in the US was able to provide enterprise connectivity 33% faster; happy customers became the new norm


With the ever-increasing need for connectivity and bandwidth, Software-defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) network technology is rapidly gaining adoption among global enterprises. SDWAN allows enterprises to stay connected, communicate and collaborate securely across multi-geo locations. It enables them to build networks using low-cost and commercially available internet access, replacing more expensive private networks.

Rolling out SDWAN involves different network technologies and topologies, multi-vendor ecosystem, multi-geo operations, etc., that aggravate the complexities. As a result, most often, SDWAN implementation gets delayed impacting the enterprise’s business operations and ability to scale.

How can a communications provider sustain itself without addressing the growing need for connectivity? How will they rollout network services faster, tap into a larger market, and gain an edge over competitors?


33% faster network service delivery

2X increase in operational efficiency

27% reduction in workload for service delivery

Client Situation

Our client, the largest provider of communications, technology, and media services in the US, was facing a similar challenge. There was a significant delay in providing enterprise connectivity services to their customers, resulting in unkept promises.

When enterprises were made to wait longer, it led to poor customer experience, resulting in loss of business and ultimately, loss of customer trust. In most situations, it meant nimbler rivals gained a foothold in their prized enterprise businesses, posing a bigger threat for the client.

On the other hand, our client’s customers rely on SDWAN connectivity for their day-to-day operations, business expansion, optimization of resources across locations, collaboration, etc. When there was a delay in providing connectivity, business momentum suffered.

Prodapt’s SDWAN service acceleration solution enabled the client to deliver faster services, built a moat against nimbler rivals, and ultimately gained customer trust.


The client managed hybrid network operations for multiple domains and vendors, which hindered their ability to fulfill new enterprise connectivity requests. Besides, all business operations, including vendor management and integration with the backend systems, were complex due to legacy networks.

In addition, excessive reworks due to frequent changes in service requirements, multiple handoffs between different teams, and numerous follow-ups led to delays in installation & activation of SDWAN services for enterprise customers.

Solving It

We built a scalable, agile & strong end-to-end operating model that helped our client respond to market changes and deliver enterprise connectivity services faster. We introduced automation and digitalization at various levels through touchless SDWAN configuration, provisioning, and activation. Our automation solution, Single Pane of Glass (SPOG), enabled end-to-end managed operation and service orchestration with a high degree of transparency.

That’s not all! Our multi-vendor unified activation & abstraction (MVUA) framework resolved the compatibility issues with legacy backend support systems and facilitated smoother integrations.

Given the scale of operations and the criticality to ensure service availability, we adopted a distributed delivery model to reduce the risks of service continuity and build the capability to scale with business growth.

The client could deliver SDWAN services to their enterprise customers 33% faster within the first year of transition/operations. Operational efficiency doubled through better visualization of data. The workload for SDWAN service delivery went down by 27% through digitalization and automation.

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