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Network technology and business partnership grow client’s enterprise market in the UK

How a leading service provider in the UK digitally transformed their enterprise customers’ networks and assured network quality with speed.

In a highly competitive market, service providers must take advantage of every opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The best way to differentiate a business is by fostering strong customer relationships based on the quality of offerings.

With network complexities growing over time, service providers find it difficult to fulfill their enterprise customers’ demands for faster and more reliable network services. Complex and decentralized networks lead to frequent outages, prolonged resolutions, and missed commitments.

How should a service provider address complexities in the network and ensure delivery of services on time and with quality?


71%faster delivery of connectivity services

46% reduction in operational issues

29% cost optimization

Client Situation

Our client, a leading global service provider in the UK, delivers 24/7 managed network infrastructure and services to large enterprises. Multiple acquisitions over time, technological disruptions, and a multi-vendor ecosystem with varied architectures have grown the client’s network complexities manifold. They also lacked enough visibility into their network service operations. The tide seemed too strong to dodge. How could they fulfill a swarm of new service requests with quality and speed with all the challenges?

Prodapt's network transformation solutions helped the client reimagine their enterprise network offerings and grow their enterprise business.


Due to obsolete and siloed network technologies, tools, and processes, the client's delivery and operations were too slow. They had built their networks through discrete projects run by multiple vendors with different architectures and project-specific customizations.

Besides, overdependency on manual efforts in implementing and provisioning network services for their enterprise customers was costing their time and money. This situation led to delays in service delivery, frequent network issues, and lengthy restoration times.

Solving It

Prodapt, with its team of seasoned experts in network technology innovation and operations, delivered a sustainable digital transformation strategy. Our end-to-end strategic approach comprised an agile NetDevOps model, service modernization, and digital automation workflow.

We took a NetDevOps approach to handle standard and complex service requests. Our standard service catalogs enabled standardized service design and implementation, accelerating delivery, and improving service quality and customer experience.

To fast-track digital transformation, we used home-grown network solutions like Netbots, NeSO (Network Service Orchestration), and NeSA (Network Service Assurance) frameworks.

We introduced automated workflows to accelerate network service activation. Our AI/ML-driven real-time dashboards on network and service performance, trend analysis, and anomaly detection assured network quality.

Our software-intensive network approach enabled the client to deliver connectivity services 71% faster and reduce operational issues by 46%. In addition, they achieved 29% cost optimization through successful service standardization, automated workflows, and service assurance.

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