Google Anthos powered solution accelerates the launch of new services from weeks to days

How cloud-native apps and automation transformed an Irish communications giant to be future-ready

With the rapidly changing market, businesses are expected to be more competitive than ever. Agility has become crucial for business success today. On the other hand, rapidly evolving customer expectations power the need to rollout new services and features on the IT landscape faster. To achieve this goal, businesses are embracing DevOps and cloud capabilities.

DevOps fosters collaboration between IT operations and software development teams to enhance the delivery of services faster to the customers. Cloud adoption facilitates this to a greater extent and further improves agility and cost optimization. Multi-cloud renders more flexibility and best-of-breed features that help businesses to overcome these challenges.

However, most businesses face challenges due to many manual processes in their DevOps and cloud ecosystem, hindering their ability to roll out services faster. In addition, several inefficiencies in management and orchestration of the DevOps process make the software delivery slow, tedious, prone to errors, and unstable.

In such a situation, how can service providers accelerate their service rollouts with maximum stability and quality?


2.5X faster release of services

"Cloud-native apps built within 4 weeks"

Development cycle reduced from days to below 3 hours

Client Situation

"Our client, a communication service giant in Ireland, faced challenges in launching new services faster and reaching customers before their competition. Adapting to effective agile methods and eliminating quality constraints was a major challenge.

They were unable to cope with digital transformation lacked scalability, and release automation that hindered their ability to deliver product features, improvement, and bug fixes faster."

Prodapt’s Google Cloud-based solution enabled the client to delight customers with the faster rollout of new services.


 Our end-to-end automated zero-touch CI/CD pipelines with integrated automated testing enabled faster deployment and incorporated necessary feedback. We enabled a cloud-native, vendor agnostic, open-source tooling ecosystem which helped the client avoid vendor lock-in. It also facilitated monitoring and provided operational visibility through the real-time view of the application status, services, and infrastructure.

Solving It

"Despite transforming the business process, the client was taking up to 2 months to bring new features to the market. They had already transformed their critical applications to microservices. But still, there were plenty of repetitive tasks in their software development and deployment lifecycle, which were done manually. It created a huge margin for errors and delays. Besides, the adoption of a multi-cloud ecosystem had further aggravated the complexity.

We modernized legacy apps to be cloud-native and hosted on the Google cloud platform to achieve scalability, reliability, and accelerate the delivery of services.

We built a hybrid cloud management and orchestration capability using Google Anthos to empower our client to manage the applications across on-prem and multiple cloud platforms through a unified view."

 Our solution helped the client to build cloud-native apps within 4 weeks. They were able to dramatically improve their deployment cycle from days to less than 3 hours. The client could now introduce their services 2.5X faster.

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