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Ride the fiberization wave with a lean and scalable operating model

How fiber operators could build a lean and scalable operating model to deliver with speed, keeping an eye on cost

Deep fiberization remains a strategic objective for global fiber operators to meet the data consumption demands. As per the EY report, global fiber deployment will double during CY2018-2026, majorly led by 5G. The global fiber optic cable market is expected to reach USD 20.8B by 2026 at a projected CAGR of 14.5% between 2020-2026. To ride on this fiberization wave, fiber operators must act quickly, keep an eye on cost and check data accuracy before making planning decisions.

Fiber operators need to rethink their business operations to overcome the challenges in their journey towards accelerating fiber rollouts. The three key domains of a fiber operator and the associated challenges are listed below:

  • Plan & Build Massive coverage targets, high cost to build, shortage of skilled labor
  • Service Delivery Longer cycle time, siloed and disconnected customer journeys, repeat visits and rework
  • Service Assurance Operational Efficiency due to lack of automation and standardization, reactive approach in network management

Fiber operators must build a lean and scalable operating model to overcome all the above challenges and achieve their fiberization goals efficiently. Here’s a proven 4-step approach to building a lean and scalable Target Operating Model by transforming your business capabilities:

  • Step 1: Perform due diligence and discovery of as-is fiber journeys
  • Step 2: Benchmark capabilities using Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Step 3: Collaborate and identify change initiatives
  • Step 4: Plan implementation and define a roadmap

Successful implementation of these steps can help fiber operators to reduce their operational expenses by 53% (in just 3 years) and create a lean and scalable organization.

A lean and scalable operating model will enable fiber operators to achieve fiberization goals efficiently by transforming their business capabilities.

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