Business Process Services

RPA-Based Directory Listing Services

Providing robotic process automation capabilities to one of the largest business-focused CSPs in the United States–automating over 90% of their specific processes leading to huge savings.

Infrastructure Management

Machine Learning-Based Performance Monitoring Solution

A comprehensive solution imparting benefits across security, event management, NetOps, provisioning, and backup & recovery to a large managed cloud and hosting provider in the US.


SDN Multi-Domain Service Orchestrator

An end-to-end solution for implementation & integration of SDN orchestration for a leading provider of voice, data, communication, and managed services in the North American region.

Infrastructure Management

ISP-Related Services for Large Cable Services Provider

Revamping a plethora of services, including servers, routers, hosted web, email, etc., with the help of ITSM, IP services, and hosted support, for an international telecommunications and television company in Euorpe.


SDN-Based Rollout of Carrier Ethernet Service

Seamless carrier Ethernet services, enhanced customer experience, and orchestration across multiple technologies, for a leading VoIP, broadband, and MPLS player.

Infrastructure Management

Network Infrastructure Audit

Imparting user right management, server monitoring, compliance monitoring, etc., for an internet protocol (IP) communications service provider based in Africa

Internet of Things

Smart Grid Communication Solution for DSOs

Smart private mobile network & business and operational support systems developed for an energy distribution system operator in Europe transporting electricity, gas and heat to consumers, businesses and institutions.

Operations & Business Support Systems

Mobile Competency Center

Providing O/BSS support and strategy execution capabilities to one of the largest cable & broadband service providers in the world.

Internet of Things

Connected Officer

Equipping over 7000 police officers of one of the largest police departments in North America with sensors, analytics, and insights to fight crime more effectively.

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