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WOW your customer with a reimagined online portal

Modernization of e-commerce portal for a leading communications provider in the US simplified the customer journey and improved sales conversions by 3X


Over the past decade, the internet has changed the way people buy and sell products and services. Greater adoption of the internet and smartphones is the biggest driver of e-commerce traffic across the globe. Several players including digital natives have established their place in the e-commerce market in a few years.

Providing an engaging e-commerce experience has become a necessity for all companies. According to McKinsey, “A successful e-commerce platform needs to continuously evolve and cater to the changing needs of the customer.”

Communications service providers also rely on an e-commerce portal for online sales of their products and services. Unlike the digital natives, driving the customers to the e-commerce site and keeping them engaged is still a challenge for most communications service providers.

What should a communications service provider do to thrive in a digital-first era?


3X increase in sales

120% increase in customer satisfaction scores

36% acceleration in the time-to-market

 72% reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Client Situation

A leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprise organizations, and carrier partners across the U.S., was unable to take full advantage of its e-commerce platform. Attracting customers to their e-commerce site, keeping them engaged, and improving revenue generation was challenging.

Their efforts towards modernizing customer-facing, business-critical, legacy applications were unsuccessful. Their infrastructure maintenance costs were soaring high whereas revenue realization through their online channels was dwindling."

Unlocking value across revenue, brand loyalty, and customer experience was a major shot in the arm for Prodapt's client’s online business.


Their complex user journey led to low engagement and low sales conversions. On top of that their e-commerce portal was unstable and had frequent downtimes. Their legacy infrastructure, rigid IT systems, and lengthy operational workloads affected their time-to-market for new services.

Lack of customer insights hindered their efforts to personalize the promotions and offerings. There was a dire need for adopting the right approach to implement a modernized e-commerce suite.

Solving It

We conducted a thorough analysis of their current e-commerce systems, created benchmarks against the competition, and brought best practices from our consulting and implementation experience from other engagements. We could thus formulate the strategy to reimagine the e-commerce portal.

We revamped the entire UI/UX layer to enhance the customer experience on the portal.

The customers got the ability to view the best recommendations to make a purchase. We implemented contextual interactions leveraging our UX engineering framework to improve user engagement leading to faster decisions.

We introduced headless CMS, a new-generation component to create rich and engaging experiences for customers across multiple channels. In the end, we also improved the website’s SEO and performance.

By embracing the above solutions, the service provider could re-imagine their e-commerce platform, increasing sales conversion by 3X. Their customer satisfaction scores went up by 120%. Lastly, they could also accelerate their time-to-market by 36% and reduce the TCO by 72%.

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