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Re‑engineering of business processes fast‑tracks the delivery of services

How our Process Re-engineering Program (PREP) enabled Europe’s leading communications provider to achieve dramatic improvements in on-time service delivery and operational efficiency


Today, the connectedness industry being at the heart of innovation and growth is opening exciting opportunities for many industries. Enabling customers to access services anytime, anywhere, and on any device with high service quality benchmarks is a top priority for any service provider.

To ensure service excellence, most companies have some form of process improvement program underway at any point in time. They often face challenges to meet the customer experience benchmarks or process improvement goals set for these programs; major reasons are their siloed functions and lack of collective change management across functions.

How can a service provider reinvent their service delivery, decrease cost and improve the customer experience?


25% improvement in operational efficiency

14% improvement in First Time Fix Rate (FTFR)

46% reduction in repeat dispatches

Enhanced on-time delivery rate of services

Client Situation

Our client, a leading provider of connectivity services for homes & businesses across Europe, faced a similar challenge. Their field service delivery processes were complex, disparate, and inefficient. It impacted the customer experience, increased operational costs, and delayed revenue realization.

They were looking for a partner to consult and implement the solution to address this situation.

Prodapt process redesign enabled the client to solve today’s problem and re-positioned them for the future.


Prodapt's domain experts and process consultants analyzed the Order to Activate (O2A), service assurance, and repair processes using process mining tools. The discovery phase unveiled various inefficiencies in the business processes that hindered our client’s ability to meet the SLA benchmarks. Their teams were working in silos, with multiple handoffs, and lacked a unified business view.

Solving It

We leveraged our intelligent process re-engineering framework to create a blueprint for process reinvention that enabled us to discover process inefficiencies, identify use-cases for improvement, and implement the solution.

Our process consultants studied their existing processes to identify business processes that had potential wastages. We engaged with different stakeholders to get a holistic view of process execution and leveraged process mining tools to understand process redundancies better.

We built the ability to evaluate and prioritize process improvement use-cases designed solutions comprising operational changes, system changes, and Hyperautomation to improve the process efficiency.

Our value tracking dashboard ensured the implemented process changes yield results by tracking process metrics and provided opportunities for continuous improvements.

The client could significantly improve the on-time delivery rate of their services. They could improve operational efficiency by 25% by reducing handoffs and implementing Hyperautomation. The client could improve First Time Fix Right (FTFR) by 14% and minimize repeat dispatches by 46%.

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