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Next-gen entertainment experience delivers customer delight

How we helped a European entertainment and connectivity giant rollout OTT products/services faster across geographies


The increasing adoption of OTT among homes is rapidly changing the way videos are consumed. To capture this growing demand for OTT, it is critical for entertainment service providers to fast-track rolling out high-quality media services. Not to mention, they must get it ‘right-first-time’ with consistency. They also need to gain a competitive advantage by introducing their services faster in the market.

How can they accelerate the delivery of video services? What is needed to thrive amidst cutthroat competition?


61% acceleration in new media services

67% more efficiency across geographies

52% reduction in IT OpEx

Client Situation

Our client, the world’s leading converged video, broadband, and communications company was facing such a problem. They aimed at adding value to customers lives and meeting their expectations of any content, any device, anywhere, anytime by reinventing connected entertainment. They had to up their game in providing a next-gen video viewing experience to arrest customer churn and increase market share.

Prodapt brought in nimbleness in the video services rollout that significantly improved the customer experience for this multi-geo entertainment and connectivity giant!


The complexity had grown multifold with the increasing number of OTT players with volumes of content. Stitching together different types of video services like Live TV streaming, Video on Demand (VoD), and Electronic Program Guide (EPG) was extremely challenging.

They had operations in different countries and their entertainment platforms were siloed. Rolling out new content and features faster across platforms without disturbing the seamless user experience was challenging and inefficient.

Solving It

Prodapt was able to combine its digital transformation capabilities and experience to automate the seamless delivery of media services.

We created a next-gen media service delivery framework across functions and geographies by implementing an effective Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. It made multi-tenanted, multi-geographic operations seamless and simpler.

We automated the critical steps in the deployment process ensuring speed, and consistency. We developed and implemented a ’one-click' automated feature rollout process that automatically tested the feature using our testing framework and deployed it across multiple geographies.

We implemented a deployment assurance dashboard for monitoring the end-to-end deployment process. The dashboard offered a unified view of the entire CI/CD performance to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

As a result of the above solution, the service provider was able to accelerate new media services rollout across multiple countries by 61%. The automated release framework boosted efficiency by 67% across geographies. The client also reduced the IT OpEx by 52%.

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