Infrastructure codification delivers speed, consistency, and cost-savings

How a Tier-1 entertainment and connectivity service provider created a geo-redundant site leveraging the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach to enhance the availability of their services

"A strong cloud strategy is critical for businesses in the ‘Connectedness’ industry to deliver flawless digital services across their customer ecosystem. Cloud provisioning is more complicated and time-consuming for large businesses, with operations across multiple countries, as it involves manual interventions across various touchpoints.

What strategy should a service provider adopt to scale its cloud provisioning journey?"


Reduced overhead cost in maintaining the DR environment in cloud

45% reduction in the setup cost when compared to on-prem setup over a 3-year period

65% acceleration in provisioning time using cloud orchestrator when compared with the manual cloud configuration

Improved configuration consistency & reduced rework effort

Client Situation

"A Europe-based service provider was looking for a solution to improve the availability of their streaming services seamlessly across multiple countries. Service availability can be improved by setting up a geo-redundant environment. However, an always-available geo-redundant site is expensive, time-consuming, and often prone to scalability issues with exponential growth.

They needed a highly cost-effective and scalable solution. That is when Prodapt shook hands with the service provider and helped them address this situation."

With Prodapt’s solution, the client could unlock the full potential of infrastructure codification for building a shield against disasters.


 Building geo-redundant sites are expensive and involve high maintenance and recurring costs. The client wanted to setup an on-demand geo-redundant site to prevent unnecessary overheads while the system remains idle.

Solving It

"Prodapt developed and implemented an on-demand geo-redundant site leveraging the cloud. Our custom-developed Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach enabled automatic provisioning of resources in the recovery cloud in case of disaster while eliminating the need for idle resources in normal situations, thus fully leveraging the pay-per-use pricing model of the cloud.

We codified the infrastructure, application, and scaling policies. We abstracted the entire infrastructure needed on the geo-redundant site into a simple, automated code to enable quicker infrastructure launches during a disaster. We configured the necessary applications to run on top of the infra. And finally, we codified the critical scaling policies to enable an efficient mechanism that would scale the infrastructure automatically during a surge in demand."

Successful implementation of the Prodapt's solutions helped the service provider reduce costs for the geo-redundant site on the cloud by 44%. They could also create the geo-redundant site 67% faster. The consistency in configuring resources also increased by 27%.

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