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Being heard at the right time leapfrogs customer loyalty

Adopting innovative digital solutions for contact center operations results in happy customers and agents

"In today’s fast-paced world, customers reach out to the contact center to resolve their problems. However, contact center operations are expensive, often deliver inconsistent customer experience, and sometimes, generate negative customer sentiment."

"Businesses that deliver such experiences are most likely relying on decades-old contact center operations that are reactive, complex, and inefficient. They fail to foresee the circumstances that lead to high call volumes."

"Modernizing and transforming the customer engagement ecosystem is imperative to deliver reliable customer service and inspire long-term loyalty."


28% improvement in the contact center NPS

36% reduction in call volume

30% reduction in the operational expenses

32% 32% in agent productivity

Client Situation

"A leading communications provider in the US was struggling with high call volumes and costs, and the Covid-19 pandemic further led to an unprecedented spike in call volumes.

As call volume skyrocketed, it became difficult for their contact center agents to handle customer queries quickly and efficiently. This has resulted in poor customer experience.

In this demanding situation, the client wanted to respond to the customers faster, reduce customer complaints, and reduce agents’ workload."

Prodapt's innovative solution created a resilient and personalized contact center that surpassed the expectations of customers as well as the agents.


"Cloud-native and microservices-based order management Prodapt was able to combine its digital transformation capabilities and experience for clients in similar situations worldwide.

The entire order management system was moved to an open-source, cloud-native, and microservices-based architecture so that it could be scaled easily. It was then reconstructed from the ground up, including key applications like order capture, order execution, product catalog, asset management, user documentation, notifications, and more.

The order management stack included 120+ points that could integrate with the API for exchanging data. It also had 60+ components which were loosely coupled to ensure that changes done in one component didn’t impact the other."

Solving It

"We realized that minimal adoption of digitalization in the contact center by our client led to longer wait times and poor experience. While attending the customer calls, agents had to navigate through several disconnected systems to access customer information. It took longer to resolve the problems and the first-time resolution rates plunged below 50%.

The agents lacked the necessary tools to identify the reasons behind customer calls proactively. It impacted their ability to serve customers faster. In addition, agents efficiency was going for a toss due to an ineffective performance monitoring system.

The above challenges in clients contact centers were leading to high call volumes, poor customer experience, and high operating costs.

To address the issues and improve customer experience, the client joined hands with Prodapt. We leveraged digital technologies to improvise their traditional contact center.

We provided an AI-powered interactive technology that empowered the customers with a self-service interface rather than waiting for a customer service agent. Our ML-based solution enabled the customer to choose alternate digital channels, which provided lifelike support with virtual agents and turned conversations into insights.

Customers were served faster and with timely responses through the AI-powered agent support system that improved agent intelligence and productivity. The agent support system gave agents access to 360° view of every customer, and the contact center dashboard provided proactive recommendations on the next best actions to serve the customers faster. This solution humanized the contact center experience.

Prodapt's AI-powered interactive technology empowered the contact center agents with digital capabilities yielding a reduction of 49% in the average call duration and improving productivity by 32%.

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