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Leverage Zero-touch Service Assurance Framework to proactively detect and auto resolve broadband connectivity issues

‘Being Connected’ is a human necessity. Today, the availability of high-speed internet plays a crucial role in accelerating connectedness in our lives. People from across the length and breadth of the globe stand to benefit personally and professionally from a reliable internet connection.

As a result, there is explosive growth in the number of internet users, which is bound to increase in the future.

Speeds that were good enough yesterday are insufficient to support the requirements of today. Businesses, thus need to step up their game and provide a rich broadband service. By failing to do so, they will not be able to catch up with customers’ evolving expectations, causing frustration and dissatisfaction. Customers may also switch to another business offering broadband services with better quality and speed.

Businesses can ensure a reliable and undisrupted high-speed broadband service by adopting the ‘Zero-touch service assurance’ framework. This framework enables continuous remote monitoring to detect connectivity issues proactively and provide automated resolutions.

High-speed broadband supported by the ‘Zero-touch Service Assurance’ framework accelerates connectedness in our lives.

The 4 magic components of the ‘Zero-touch Service Assurance’ framework are

  1. Intelligent Insights Engine- Monitors the customer’s speed data on an hourly basis to detect any speed issues
  2. Diagnostic Engine- Buckets the issues into different categories. Auto-tickets are created for issues that cannot be auto-resolved
  3. Auto Resolution Engine- Executes autonomous actions like modem reboot or port bounce to quickly fix the speed issues
  4. Dashboard- Provides a real-time view of highly impacted customers, remediation steps, performance, percentage improvement in speed, outages, current and historical issues
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