O/BSS & IT Services

Ensure agility, adaptability, and innovation through Prodapt’s DSP-focused services

Business Process Services

Prodapt’s business process services (BPS) guide the customers on how to improve the processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance operational performance, resulting in increased profits.

Next-gen Labs

The customer spectrum is inclining towards on-demand content and faster services, which makes the inclusion of next-gen technologies such as AI/ML, microservices, DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) timely and necessary.


Prodapt Consulting make use of our business consultants and solution architects for the design, redesign and implementation of billing, fulfilment and assurance processes, and associated IT architectures.

Network Services

CSPs are moving to digitalise, digitise and virtualise operations through network automation, utilising network data and virtualising the network.

Technology Services

Enabling DSPs to Accelerate Product Development and launch newer service offerings in video, OTT domains.

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