With digital transformations taking over the dynamic telecom industry, DSPs are facing unprecedented disruption due to next-gen technologies, new entrants, changing customer expectations, and growing customer database.

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Cloud Services

With the world of communication transforming into a world of connectedness, it’s imperative for Digital and Multi-Service Providers (DSPs/MSPs) to create value for their consumer’s digital life beyond just providing connectivity.

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CSPs are moving to digitalise, digitise and virtualise operations through network automation, utilising network data and virtualising the network. Network function virtualisation (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) will play a major role in enabling automation…

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Business Process

Digital service provider ecosystem has been undergoing significant changes in the last few years with new technologies, demanding customers, continuous service improvement, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and many other challenges.

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With an end-to-end comprehensive view of the telecom ecosystem, Prodapt’s Consulting practice focuses on making it right for our customers by executing the projects within the boundaries set and agreed with the best possible quality.

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To enable growth, implement new product development strategies and ensure technology resources are aligned to the business needs, Prodapt offers DSPs with specialised expertise in the above areas. Our experience in setting up next-gen entertainment services platform…

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Media and Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

While Media and Entertainment organizations constantly strive to understand their existing customer needs and changing behaviors, they must also build solutions to retain and acquire new customers. Prodapt helps businesses through purpose-built, AI/ML-powered solutions…

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Seamless connectivity and high speed are the major revenue boosters for DSPs. One way to offer these to customers is by exploring new technologies in the market. There is a constant pressure to explore innovative ways to bring in new offerings as well as improve existing ones.

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Next-gen Labs

The digital service providers (DSP) ecosystem is in a transition period currently, with the changing demands of customers and the technologies required to facilitate them. The customer spectrum is inclining towards on-demand content and faster services.

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