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Creating visibility and control for off-net services

Leverage process orchestration framework to achieve faster integration with partner service providers and improve operational efficiency

Businesses in the Connectedness industry are actively looking to expand their roots into the untapped fiber market. And to do so, most of them prefer to go with off-net services, i.e., leasing network infrastructure from a partner service provider. It enables quick and cost-efficient customer acquisition for establishing a larger footprint.

As per the annual report of a leading full fiber operator in the UK, off-net revenues account for 50% of their total revenue. Therefore, service providers must overcome the challenges that hinder them from supporting lean off-net operations and improving customer satisfaction.

Service providers in the off-net space face the following challenges:

  • Integration with multiple partner service providers is complex, time-consuming (18+ months for each integration), and expensive
  • Lack of visibility into the partner service provider’s network leading to disjointed operations
  • Lack of transparency across E2E process management, leading to multiple follow-ups
  • Increase in Tail order processing cycle time (i.e., order processing time by partner service provider)
  • Significant manual processes owing to the dependency on the partner service provider
  • Lack of standardized processes and a unified way of handling the orders/cases

The above challenges call for a complete transformation of the off-net services. Use the off-net process orchestration framework that acts as a central orchestrator to bridge the gap between service providers and partner service providers. It reduces operation costs by 56% while providing better control and visibility into E2E processes. Experience 3X faster integration with partner service providers using the framework.

The key ingredients of the framework are:

  • Simple interface aggregation: Use an interface aggregation platform to enable quick integration with the partner service provider and accelerate fiber adoption
  • Unified task orchestration: Create an end-to-end process flow map to get a complete view of the order and issue status
  • Point-to-point ticketing: Integrate customer self-service with automated troubleshooting. Use bots to raise tickets directly with the partner service providers
  • Off-net SLA governance and reporting: Drive partner service provider-specific SLAs with automated follow-ups and real-time reports on aging and penalty metrics

An end-to-end off-net service strategy is vital for supporting lean operations and improving customer experience.

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