Billing modernization could be a new beginning for customer delight

How a rebuilt billing system helped an enterprise transform customers experience, strengthen the relationship while also lowering costs


As telecom operators grow, they accumulate humungous customer data, legacy systems, grandfathered products, and siloed systems due to mergers and acquisitions. It leads to a myopic view of the customer relationship.

Being at the heart of every customer relationship, billing makes customers feel ‘noticed’. Billing is an important aspect of any business as it gives the service provider a holistic view of the customer relationship. It is not just about the money owed.

In addition, disparate billing systems hamper the company’s growth, making consolidation inevitable.

But which route should a telecom operator take to address this problem, and what challenges would it face?


32% reduction in rating and invoicing related complaints

2X acceleration in billing productivity

35% reduction in OpEx

Client Situation

Our client, a leading telco in the US, faced such a challenge. As a trusted brand in the telecommunications space, they have set an example for delivering flawless services.

They were facing challenges adapting to changing customer demands due to legacy systems and processes. Legacy systems are incapable of responding to market changes and modern-day challenges.

Prodapt demonstrated a digital-first billing transformation helping its client to respond faster to market changes and deliver a superior customer experience.


Over the years, multiple mergers and acquisitions along with the adoption of siloed approaches to IT system upgrades resulted in 5 different billing systems. Due to disparate systems, billing was getting complex, leading to errors and high operational costs – a ticking timebomb waiting to explode.

Solving It

To become a customer-first telco operator, we decided to transform their billing stack, keeping in mind the adoption of new technologies to be future-ready to meet the business needs.

So, what happened to their legacy & disparate billing systems? We integrated them with all the business support systems and downstream networks and modernized them to give a unified view of the overall customer relationship across multiple products. It eliminated the siloed approach in handling a customer and provided real-time insights into their customers.

As a result, the business teams were able to streamline product lifecycle management and ease product introductions, enhancing customer satisfaction. Customer care teams were able to look at every customer holistically and provide personalized offerings based on customer relationships.

After completing the project, customer complaints related to rating and invoicing were reduced by 32%. They could bring together all the billing stacks and accelerate billing operations productivity by 2x. In addition, the operational expenses for their IT stack, including licenses, infra, and support, were reduced by 35%. That’s not all! They could also increase the efficiency of rolling out new features by 40% in and adapting their billing for different segments with reusable elements.

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