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Creating a smart field workforce with an AI-powered video guide

Leverage video AI to improve field engineers’ efficiency, reduce site visits, and accelerate install to commission cycle time by 3X

Inefficiencies in field services contribute the most to the capital expenditure of service providers. One of the major reasons for field service inefficiency is repeat site visits or rework, leading to a 5X increase in repair cost and delay in order delivery time.

In the case of field surveys, data shows that 40-60% of installation orders require a site survey, out of which 18% require repeat surveys. The sites survey is done manually, requiring manual data capture and physical audits leading to errors and incomplete data. Hence, the process becomes extremely time-consuming.

To overcome these challenges, service providers must leverage the power of video intelligence. Prodapt’s AI-driven video intelligence framework powered by Vyntelligence can create a smart field work force. Surveyor captures a video and voices it over, using a guided storyboard. The framework auto-captures the details and sends alerts for missing details. A survey is submitted with 100% details and can be a point of reference for specific details or future changes. This leads to 3X acceleration in installation time and improved customer experience.

Enable field engineers with AI-powered devices to improve ‘right-first-time’ field work and enhance customer experience through reduced

The three main components of this framework are –

  • AI-assisted video guide – Provides a structured guided storyboard for field engineers to effortlessly capture the data
  • Recommendation engine – Enables guided actions to various business stakeholders. Gives AI-powered recommendations and real-time visibility into the jobs to supervisors, auditors, and field engineers
  • Smart dashboards – Provides end-to-end visibility into jobs driving smarter actions for management and business as a whole
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