TM Forum Catalyst: Prodapt partners with Orange, awareX, re:infer, incognito and Blue Prism to enhance Orange’s Livebox return journey process

Catalyst program to showcase how Orange enhanced their customer service experience through intelligent robots.

May 14, 2018 • New York

In the upcoming Digital Transformation World (formerly, TM Forum Live!) at Nice, France, Prodapt is leading a catalyst program to showcase how robotic process automation (RPA) can be leveraged in conjunction with other smart technologies to provide 24*7 proactive and personalized customer experience to subscribers and significantly improve customer satisfaction. The catalyst will be demonstrated through the event days, i.e. May 14 – 16, 2018, in the specially created catalyst zone.

In this initiative, Prodapt is collaborating with Orange, awareX, re:infer, incognito and Blue Prism to demonstrate how RPA can be leveraged to create a solution that will reduce the number of customers visiting the Orange stores with a non-faulty device by up to 60%. The solution includes an omnichannel approach that enables the customers to use their preferred medium of communication to contact Orange. Prodapt’s RPA framework, TelebotsTM will then handle the complaints and decipher the message through AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) and finally offer in-home diagnostics.

Orange is championing this catalyst program by presenting a real-world use case that demonstrates how RPA can create intelligent robots, Chatbots or a smart device that will provide end-to-end customer service with zero manual intervention.

“This catalyst program is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate how RPA can revolutionize the telecom industry by automating mundane tasks, resulting in huge savings of manual hours.”

Pradeep Balakrishnan | Director of Robotics and Automation, Prodapt.

“We have a great team, with Orange as champion and awareX, re:infer, incognito and Blue Prism with their extensive expertise in their respective domains. The goal of the program is to demonstrate the different layers of this innovative solution that addresses customer issues quickly and effectively. This catalyst has a potential to deliver an estimated 40 million euros in savings for Orange France BU, while increasing the NPS by 10 to 15%.”
There will also be a catalyst theatre session on 15th May between 2.30PM and 03.00PM, co-hosted by Pradeep Balakrishnan, Director of Robotics and Automation, Prodapt, and Arnold Buddenberg, Enterprise Digital Business & IT Transformation Architect, Orange Service Labs.

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