Managed Digital Transformation to Reduce DSPs’ O2A Cycle Time by Up to 70%

Managed Digital Transformation To Reduce O2A Cycle Time Up to 70%

Managed Digital Transformation To Reduce O2A Cycle Time Up to 70%

Bring OpEx Saving, Accelerate Revenue Realization and Enhance Customer Experience

There is growing complexity in the Digital Service Provider (DSP)’s ecosystem related to the  number of roles, departments, systems, and channels involved in the Order-to-Activate (O2A) process. This complexity is getting further compounded as DSPs merge into bigger and more complex “digital” players offering new products and services with higher customer experience goals.

These complexities and increasing inefficiencies in Order to Activate (O2A) process leads to elongated cycle time, delayed revenue realization, and higher cost.

Typical approaches employed by DSPs for O2A Process Transformation include:

  • Outsource Operations – Outsource the entire process to a 3rd party and give them full ownership. It helps in some cost-saving but lacks long term sustainable benefits and has no guaranteed process transformation.
  • Leverage External Consultant – Hire a consultant to analyze and recommend improvement ideas. No active participation from the Operations team leads to an Ivory Tower approach which is not pragmatic.
  • Managed Transformation Model – Partner works together with DSP to optimize and transform the operations holistically. Involves the operation team’s active participation in ongoing process improvements.

Among these approaches, the Managed Transformation Model promises to deliver long term sustainable business benefits. This insight details further on the Managed Transformation model and how it is uniquely positioned to address all the challenges in the DSPs O2A process. The model encompasses transformation levers such as Agile Work Cell, Process Optimization & Automation, and Operational Accountability.

Implementing the Managed Digital Transformation model helps DSPs realize key business outcomes such as a 50%-70% reduction in cycle time, 2X increase in productivity, 40%-50% OpEx Savings, enhanced customer experience, and new business wins.


  • Prakash Ramakaimal
  • Antony MVLS
  • Rajesh Khanna
  • John Kingsly
  • Abhay Goyal

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